10 Movies To Watch With Friends

10 Movies To Watch With Friends

Watching movies and shows with our favorite people without leaving our couch. Here are the best ways—Movies to watch with friends together online, even if you’re thousands of miles apart. Grab the popcorn.

1. One and a half spies

The USA, China, action, comedy, crime, 2016

A lot can change in 20 years: a lout and a glutton turn into a pumped-up super-spy and a high school soccer star into a gray mouse. But that doesn’t stop them from uniting when the fate of the whole world is at stake!

2: Autumn in New York City.

USA, drama, melodrama, 2000.

The owner of a trendy restaurant in New York falls passionately in love with a young woman who has shattered all his ideas about women and love. But the order of things can’t be changed. Autumn is sure to be followed by winter.

3. The Last Neanderthal

France, adventure, history, 2010

The epic story of the adventures of Eo, the last Neanderthal on the planet, and the beautiful Aki, a representative of sentient humans, continues. Quite unexpectedly, Eo falls in love with Aki, a girl from the enemy camp. These are great movies to watch with friends and family.

4. Hellboy

USA, UK, Bulgaria, Canada, fantasy, action, adventure, 2019

The hour of Hellboy’s battle with the Bloody Queen, who seeks revenge on all mankind for centuries of imprisonment, is approaching. Caught in the middle of a clash of human and monster worlds, Hellboy will have to go through hell to prevent the impending apocalypse.

5. RED

USA, action, thriller, comedy, crime, 2010

An army of assassins unceremoniously burst into the life of former CIA agent Frank Moses, trying to enjoy his retirement. To fight back, Frank enlists the help of former colleagues.

6. Love and Other Drugs

USA, drama, melodrama, comedy, 2010.

Jamie, not knowing how to get out of bad luck and prove to his family that he too can make a decent living, decides to try his luck in the pharmaceutical business. Meeting Maggie changes his motivation. These are great movies to watch with friends and family.

7. “The Age of Adaline”

USA, Canada, drama, melodrama, fantasy, 2015

After receiving an unexpected gift of eternal youth after an accident, she flees from people and keeps her secret alone until she meets the man worth living a century for along the way.

8. Nerd

France, comedy, 2008

A photographer on the verge of suicide and a professional assassin find themselves in the same hotel for different reasons and suddenly become friends.

9. The instigators

USA, action, comedy, crime, biography, 2016

The film is based on true events and tells the story of a foolish armored collection car driver who gets involved with similarly short-sighted thieves for a major robbery.

10. 47 ronins

USA, UK, Japan, Hungary, fantasy, action, drama, adventure, 2013

Kai, along with Oishi, leader of the 47 Samurai Outcasts, seeks revenge on the treacherous enemy who killed their lord and uprooted their kind.

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