2 Awe-Inspiring Movies that Stick In Your Head for days

Van Gogh. Loving Vincent

Van Gogh. Loving Vincent

United Kingdom, Poland

About 100 artists created each of the 65,000 frames of this film, all in the same technique. At which did Van Gogh himself work? However, the result was a unique example of cinema art. The world’s first animated feature film was painted in oil on canvas. Despite the animation pundits’ initial skepticism of the idea itself, since the film is biographical. So, it was based on the famous artist’s letters. If you will, the same technique as the paintings themselves, which reflect his life and everyday life. In 2017, “Van Gogh. However, with Love, Vincent” won the grand prize at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and the Shanghai International Film Festival. Now the picture will compete for the Golden Globe in the Best Animated Film category.




Before we stigmatize ourselves for making. This film into the selection of movies of the outgoing year. Let’s still remember the resonance that “Mommy!” caused. Because of Darren Aronofsky. Perhaps no film in 2017 has garnered such conflicting responses from critics and audiences. The story of a married couple whose idyll is whirled into by another couple. And then their sons are, of course, references to the biblical plot.

He is God, she is mother earth, Although, the couple is Adam and Eve, and their sons are Cain and Abel. Of course, to someone, the picture will seem to be complete nonsense or sacrilege. That’s why it would be better to watch the movie after reading about it. It is to understand better the symbols and metaphors. For its part, it is good to add that the danger of. A woman’s sacrificial role is well shown in the film. The moment in which the heroine, Jennifer Lawrence, shouts out “. I am a mother” while defending her child is beyond praise.

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