2 Films about Women Directed by Women Directors

Who Burns, Burns, Burns

Who Burns, Burns, Burns


Director: Chania Baton.

The British film Who Burns, Burns, Burns is an audience favorite this year. As the loud applause during the closing credits attests, it is likely that the film is one of the top contenders for the Golden Duke. An award is given by viewers who rate a film after it has been seen. However, the main event that turns the heroines’ lives upside down is the death of their 29-year-old friend from cancer. He has recorded a video message to his close friends, asking them to scatter. His ashes are in the four corners of Britain that are important to him. However, For all his selfishness, caprice, and joking, the hero in his messages helps his friends to rethink their lives as well.

Film critic Aleksandr Gusev gave the following assessment of the film. There is such a successful balance of the dramatic and the ridiculous. . Because, The sentimental and the ironic in Chania Button’s film that it would not be very brave to suggest that this particular work will, by popular vote, win the seventh OIFF.”

Greetings from Fukushima

Greetings from Fukushima


Director: Doris Derry

Greetings from Fukushima is a story of the destruction of two women’s worlds, but it is also a story of healing and mutual assistance. It is set in the radioactively contaminated ruins of Fukushima. A young German woman, Marie, escapes to Fukushima, changes her life, and helps the survivors of the 2011 nuclear disaster. However, the devastation left behind by the man-made disaster helps viewers gain a deeper understanding of the devastation of the heroines’ mental storms. Marie decides to stay with grumpy old Satomi, the last geisha of Fukushima. A volition has returned to her destroyed home in the radioactive Exclusion Zone. They are completely different, and yet so similar. Both Marie and Satomi have become hostages to their past and guilt.

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