3 Films We’ll be Watching this Fall Online

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange


Have you ever thought about seeing Benedict Cumberbatch as a superhero? Basically, his Sherlock in the TV series of the same name fits that description. A little bit, with his remarkable intellectual abilities. But it was hard to imagine him with a cape of levitation. However, now you can, If you’re familiar with Marvel Comics, you probably already know that Doctor Strange is a former neurosurgeon with magical powers. The former because a car accident took away his arm’s sensitivity. So, what else could he do but become the most powerful wizard in the world? So,

Turtle’s Nest

Turtle's Nest


The story is about a Ukrainian woman, Daria, who went to Italy to find work and feed her family. While she earns money abroad, her family is gradually falling apart at home, and her very young daughter gets pregnant by a guy who has no intention of marrying her. And Daria herself meets a man in Italy, with whom she begins a relationship. This summer, the film was voted Best Ukrainian Feature Film at the Odesa Film Festival.

I, Daniel Blake

I, Daniel Blake

UK, France, Belgium

This social drama by British director Ken Loach is about the struggle of a “little man” against the system. Its author, Paul Laverty, took dozens of studies and interviews as the basis of the script and invented it. It is a fictional story about a middle-aged widower. So, needing public assistance after a heart attack, a 59-year-old. Daniel is forced to seek help from the state and apply for benefits. This is where he encounters the indifference and inhumanity of the bureaucratic machine. This year the film was presented at the Odessa Film Festival, and earlier it won the Palme d’Or at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.

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