3 Great Movies that will Make Your Weekend

The Machinist, 2004

The Machinist, 2004

Spain, USA

Do you recognize this man as Christian Bale? Hardly? However, and no wonder, the actor lost more than 30 kg to play the machinist, Trevor Resnick. Bale’s character is plagued by insomnia, and with it, creepy visions that weave together all of which he cannot escape. Because , In fact, he has gone almost a year without sleep, and it affects his condition. In order to control himself, he tapes yellow reminder stickers everywhere. All these little things, from the music to the color scheme of the movie, to the notes on the fridge, gradually lead the viewer to a clue-is it only from insomnia that the typist suffers?

Capote, 2005


Canada, USA.

Two in one-a biopic and a crime drama. However, and by the title, you’ve no doubt guessed by now that the film is based on some events from the life of the famous writer Truman Capote. Of course, you’ve heard of his book Breakfast at Tiffany’s and you’ve probably seen the film adaptation with the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. However, what about “Cold Blooded Murder,” a documentary novel about the murder of a farming family? Because,, the film is about the years of working on the book, the writer’s own investigation, and his interactions with the killers that perhaps changed him forever. If you’re wondering what Philip Seymour Hoffman won an Oscar for that year, see Capote.

Scandalous Diary, 2006

Scandalous Diary, 2006

Great Britain

However, A battle of titans, that’s what Scandalous Diary is all about: Cate Blanchett versus Judi Dench, youth and naivety versus experience; loneliness and guile. Because the viewer sees everything going on through the eyes of teacher Barbara Covett, played by Dench. At the same school where Barbara works, comes a young art teacher, Sheba Hart. However, at first, the women become buddies, but then one makes mistakes and the other begins to deftly manipulate them. You know, there are those movies or books that, after watching or reading them, make you want to stand under the shower for two hours while the jets of water wash away the filth you’ve been exposed to from what you’ve read or seen. “Scandal Diary” is one of those, which means bravo to the director for his work.

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