3 Little-Known Films With Meaning

The Good Heart.

The Good Heart

Iceland, France, Germany, 2009.

Since, The bartender Jacques is a man with a very complicated character, philosophy, and rules of life. But when Lucas, a homeless vagabond who has given up on his life, enters his world, he gradually changes. Hoping to retain his inheritance and consider the boy a worthy successor. Althrough, He takes him into his care and starts to raise him according to his own laws. Jacques may not have read The Little Prince, but even though he is callous, he understands that he is now responsible for Lucas. Atmospheric, sad, enlightening in places, and a very life-like film.

Poetry / Shi

Poetry / Shi

South Korea, 2010.

Althrough, “Poetry is a beautiful, deep, and unpretentious film that won Best Korean film in 2010 and was admired at Cannes. Because, the film’s protagonist, Mia, has three passions in life: a love of pretty clothes, flowers, and her grandson. Later, another one will be added to the – poetry and the desire to write at least one poem, and with. It is the desire to see beauty in everything. She may look ridiculous to others, and her life is full of sorrows and disappointments. But in her search for humanity, beauty, and peace she seems to be a challenge to modern, indifferent society as. If she is looking for light where even the tiniest trace of hope has gone out. Try to decipher her message and that of director Lee Chang-dong.

Hunting / Jagten

Hunting / Jagten

Denmark, 2012

How easily and, worst of all, with gusto people are prepared to ruin another man’s life. Director Thomas Vinterberg tells us with his film. Once upon a time, an acquaintance. A psychologist, showed up on his doorstep to follow cases where fantasies replace real memories. Althrough, He told Vinterberg that he should definitely choose one of them and make a film based on it. The end result is a drama – a story about a 40-year-old Lucas who works as a kindergarten teacher. He is divorced and his teenage son wants to live together despite his mother’s prohibition. Added to all the problems is another – a little girl who has accused Lucas of molestation. Because of and the “beast” begins to be hunted and hunted down by society, showing just how contagious the maddening crowd syndrome is.

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