3 Movies we’ll be watching this Fall



South Korea

Park Chang-Wook’s scandalous film may well be on a par with Carol or Adele’s Life since The Handmaid is nothing less than an erotic thriller. Because the plot of the film is reminiscent of the British mini-series “Velvet Fingers,” only with its own special atmosphere and aesthetics peculiar to the East. Because a girl from a Korean village, Suk Hee, goes to work on the wealthy estate of a book collector to serve his niece, who might become his wife. But Suk Hee, like her mistress Hideko, is far from as simple as she seems. Park Chang Wook says he’s worried about how the Ukrainian audience will take his controversial movie. After all, the film is different from “Oldboy,” especially because it breaks the principle of consumerist and objectivist attitudes toward women. For those who dare to watch the film, a reminder: the rating is 18+.

A Miracle on the Hudson

Miracle on the Hudson


Since, A Miracle on the Hudson (second title, Sally). A film about a favorite subject of many filmmakers—the averted plane crash—also starts in theaters this week. The picture tells a true story that took place in 2009. However, It deals with Captain Chesley Sullenberger, who successfully landed his plane on the Hudson River with 155 passengers aboard. The investigation that called into question his heroism

Bridget Jones baby

Bridget Jones baby

Ireland, UK, France, USA

You probably won’t be surprised by the news that Bridget Jones is returning to the big screen after 12 years. And the fact that we won’t see Hugh Grant in this part but admire him. However, The game of handsome Patrick Dempsey, whose real nickname, by the way, remained after his participation in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”? Also no? Then let’s just wait for the premiere, which British critics have already dubbed. A real “laughingstock,” “cute retro,” and the funniest of the whole trilogy, and see if the third film really reaches the first one.

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