5 Best Netflix Movies You Should Watch Right Now


El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

El Camino: The Breaking Bad movie is probably the most anticipated movie of 2019. In my opinion, it could not have been done better. The film is perfectly connected with the story from the series “Breaking Bad” and answers many questions that we asked ourselves after the final episode. If you’re wondering where Jesse Pinkman has gone, this movie is a must-see. Though you’ve probably already done so

I am a mother

“I am a mother”  is a real bomb, and many of you may not even hear of it. This is a story about a mother and daughter. The first is a robot and the second is a human. The film presents a world after the apocalypse in which there is no place for normal human relationships. A teenager is one of the thousands of fetuses stored in a futuristic bunker called home, which develops under the care of a robot. The film presents the mother-daughter relationship in an extraordinary way and forces you to reflect.


“Shaft”  is a lot of people, perhaps they did not expect to be included in this ranking. And this is a very good movie, in the style of the original film from years ago. The main character is John Shaft II, played by Samuel L. Jackson, who joins forces with his son, JJ Shaft Jr. to solve the mysterious death of his best friend. Don’t expect fireworks, although Samuel does the job as always. But for me, he will always be associated with Nick Fury.

Unicorn Store


Unicorn shop

Another non-obvious movie in our list. “Unicorn shop”  is the dreamlike debut of director Brie Larson. The film tells the story of a young Kid who dreamed of becoming an artist all her life. However, she is kicked out of school and starts boring office work. One day, he gets a letter with an invitation to the mysterious Store, where he faces the possibility of acquiring … a unicorn.

The King


David Michod’s King is one of my favorite Netflix original movies . I really like the story. “The King” tells the story of Hal, a wayward and capricious prince who despises royal splendor and chooses to lead a life in the midst of the people. However, when his father dies, Hal is crowned Henry V and sits on the throne of England. He is thrown into the whirlwind of events – he must not only control the chaos, but also put things in order from the past.

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