5 Films About Missing Children and Desperate Parents

Missing Children Films

My Son


During the next business trip, Edmond learns that his son has disappeared from the children’s camp. There are many versions of the investigation, but there are no clues. A local detective connects the disappearance with Edmond’s professional activities, but he is suddenly removed from the case. Then the father decides to go in search of the child himself. “Gone Man” was filmed using a special method of organized improvisation. That is, the main actor (James McAvoy) plays his part without knowing the script and comes up with reactions and dialogue on the go. In this context, “Gone Man” turned out to be not only a peppy thriller but also a fascinating acting experiment.


2013/Drama, Crime, Mystery/USA

The protagonist, Keller, also faces every parent’s worst nightmare: his six-year-old daughter, Anna, goes missing while walking with a friend. Time passes, hope fades, and rage, despair, and panic simultaneously ripen in Keller’s soul. The dark and emotional detective of the living classic, Denis Villeneuve, can be praised for everything. The direction, the screenplay, the camera of Roger Deakins (who received an Oscar nomination for this film), and the incredible performances by Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Dano seem to give their best here. “Prisoners” is a subtle and nervous movie that clearly shows that a desperate parent is ready for anything for his child. Even for things, you’ll regret later.



While walking on the playground, Carla is distracted for a minute, and then she sees someone putting her son in their car. Wasting no time, the woman rushes in pursuit of the kidnappers. The trouble is that she leaves her phone on the set and therefore cannot tell anyone about what happened. Now the life of her son depends only on herself and on the speed of her capricious machine. This film, starring Halle Berry, reveals a grim statistic: in the US, one child goes missing every 40 seconds.


2008/Drama, Crime, Biopic/USA

An outstanding thriller by Clint Eastwood, starring Angelina Jolie. Los Angeles in the 20s Christine Collins’ son doesn’t come home one day, and the woman files a disappearance statement. The new investigation, publicity, and panic of the police are not at hand-they desperately want to hide a series of crimes. And here’s a miracle—a few months later, brave cops return the boy home. But Kristin is sure that despite the resemblance and statements of the child, this is not her son. As a result, instead of help and compassion, the mother ends up in a mental hospital. Someone might think, “God, what a fantasy the authors of this film have!” And the caustic remark will break our insensitive crazy world-the script of “Changeling,” which is based on real events.


2008/Crime, Thriller, Action/France

A young girl, Kim, is kidnapped during her trip to Paris. The local police are in no hurry to look for the American, so the father of the missing beauty arrives in the fashionable capital. And who is our father? To the misfortune of the kidnappers—former special agent Brian Mills. The hero makes connections, revives professional skills, and goes on the trail of an Albanian criminal group that covers underground brothels and is engaged in human trafficking. The action, based on the script by Luc Besson, was so popular with the audience that it eventually turned into a popular franchise. Fans have calculated that in order to get to his daughter in the first part of the film, Brian kills more than 30 people. So it’s no wonder that the name of the lead actor, Liam Neeson, eventually became synonymous with the phrase “terrible dad.”

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