5 Films to Watch Before the Awards Ceremony

 Awards Ceremony Films

The Father


The twisted drama by Florian Zeller focuses on the relationship between an aging Anthony and his daughter. Ann wants to give Dad care, so she tries to find a babysitter for him, but the obnoxious old man rejects all the options offered. Verbal skirmishes turn into a real maze-and you, like the main character, no longer understand what is really happening around you.



The black-and-white film, directed by David Fincher and made for Netflix, is based on a true story. Since, it concentrates on the life story of Herman Mankiewicz, nicknamed “Mank”. The man moved to Hollywood from New York to conquer the Dream Factory. A talented screenwriter succeeds, not without difficulty, but life throws up new difficulties. After a serious car accident, Munk travels to a secluded house in the middle of the Mojave Desert, where he plans to write a script (or better, two at once) for a young director, Orson Welles.



The film is narrated from the perspective of a young Korean boy. The plot revolves around the Lee family, who moved from California to a rural suburb of Arkansas. The head of the family, Jacob, decides to grow Korean products here in order to distribute them in Dallas, the nearest large settlement. Minari is based on director/screenwriter Lee Isaac Cheung’s memories of his own childhood.



The Nomadland is an ode to modern America. Its main character, Fern, loses her job after the only large factory in her hometown closes. Since it is almost impossible to find a job at her age, the woman decides to buy a van and go on a trip in search of a better life as well as temporary work. The film was directed by Chloe Zhao and starred Frances McDormand.

A Promising Young Woman

2020/Drama, Crime, Thriller/USA, UK

The main character in this film is called Cassandra. Once she was a university student and showed great promise, everyone believed that she would go far. But now she works in a coffee shop and lives with her parents. However, Cassandra leads a double lifeā€”in the evenings, pretending to be very drunk, she hunts men who strive to harm defenseless girls. Anyone who encounters her will be very unlucky because Cassandra’s goal is revenge for the events that took place in her student years.

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