5 Life-Affirming Movies That Will Make You Feel Good

Life-Affirming Movies

“Billy Elliot”, 2000 (UK)

The son of a miner, small-town lad Billy Elliot, 11, contrary to all stereotypes, is firmly convinced that his vocation is ballet. He is yet to achieve his dream of entering the Royal Ballet School.

Red Dog, 2011 (Australia)

In a godforsaken village of rough-and-tumble people, an energetic red dog of the kelpie breed shows up. Only he can shake up this sleepy provincial realm. And the indefatigable dog brings many miraculous changes to the inhabitants of the village.

“Avatar”, 2009 (USA)

An Avatar former Marine confined to a wheelchair gets the chance to travel several light years to an Earth base on the planet Pandora, where corporations are mining a rare mineral of great importance to get Earth out of its energy crisis. An incredible new world awaits Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, with incredible adventures and a new life.

“I haven’t played in the box yet”, 2007 (USA)

The motto of the film is: “Have fun one last time.” And it perfectly reflects the film’s optimistic mood, even though the main characters are two cancer-stricken hospital roommates: an irascible billionaire and an erudite car mechanic. They make a list of things to do before they ‘play the box’ and embark on the journey around the world, the journey of a lifetime.

“Impossible”, 2012 (Spain)

This English-language Spanish film starring Naomi Watts recalls the events of 2004, when a massive earthquake struck the Indian Ocean. Against the backdrop of the catastrophe unfolds a strong yet moving story of a family based on true events. Father, mother and three sons are torn apart by the tsunami, but their instincts take over. Despite all obstacles, elements and disasters, they desperately want to escape and be reunited again. And they will do just that.

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