5 Movies To Warch In March


Mother, 2009

The main character’s son is accused of murdering a young girl, but the mother decides to investigate on her own because she thinks the police are short-sighted, the lawyers are lazy.

Criminal justice, 2008-2010

If you have a little more than an hour and a half to spare, spend it on this British mini-series. Ben, the young guy accused of raping and murdering a girl, goes through hell in circles: the British justice system, successive lawyers, jail, desperate attempts to prove his innocence. And there are only a couple of dynamic seasons of five episodes each, which are watchable in the same breath.

The Lincoln Lawyer 2011

A film that definitely helped change Matthew McConaughey’s role as a romantic comedy hero. In the picture, he plays an ambitious lawyer who can get anyone out of trouble as long as they get paid. He loves money, and when he is offered a tidy sum for the next case, of course, agrees. But that is until he finds out what his client has done. What should he do next, satisfy his ambition and vanity, or follow the voice of his conscience?

The Body

A young chemistry professor, Alex Ulloa, who has just lost his wife, learns that her body has disappeared without a trace from the morgue. The police start an investigation, and, of course, the husband is the first suspect, the more so because he behaves very strangely. But the only person who could shed some light on the incident, the night watchman of the morgue, was hit by a car when he was running away in a panic, and he is now in coma. You will change your mind more than once during the movie – who started this whole mess. But the very unexpected finale will put everything in its place.

The Call 2013

I wonder where the cold-bloodedness and serenity come from in the voices of the people working on the hotline. “The Call” just pulls back the curtain and tells the story of one 911 call center employee. Jordan, played by Halle Berry, receives a call from a teenage girl kidnapped by a maniac. “Where are you?” – “I’m in the trunk.” How to save her life in such a situation with just a phone is an instruction everyone will find useful.

Gift, 2015

Married couple Simon and Robin move into a new home, and overall, they’re doing well, except for one “but.” Soon after they move in. “The Gift” is a real gift for those who like a leisurely narrative with a gradual build-up of tension.

Cloverfield, 2016

It is unlikely that many people have heard about this movie, because it is not widely advertised, and it was filmed in an atmosphere of strict secrecy. Would you have believed, waking up after an accident in some basement or bunker, that you had survived a chemical attack and that this place was the only way to save you? Here, too, the main character, Michelle, doesn’t believe it. Maybe for nothing, maybe not…

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