6 Romantic Films That Will Make You Feel Real Love

The super-sappy, 6 Romantic Films That Will Make You Feel Real Love that tug at your heartstrings but would never, ever occur in real life. The “realistic” ones pretty much always finish with the leads but there are times when. You truly want to watch romantic comedy movies that depict real love and offer both optimism and realism.

“Magic of Moonlight”, 2014. (USA)

"Magic of Moonlight", 2014. (USA)

Woody Allen’s own romantic movies are light and beautiful. However, the story tells us about a very ordinary hero who does not believe in magic or the otherworld, believing that life ends after death. So, One day, his childhood friend asks for his help in unmasking a young charlatan, and he happily and enthusiastically agrees, not yet knowing how it will turn out for him.

“The Fault in Our Stars,” 2014 (USA).

"The Fault in Our Stars," 2014 (USA).

The love in these romantic movies is truly transcendent. So, the two teenagers feel like no one else can understand what they’re going through. The parents’ love for their children is unconditional and strong. And the love of a life that can turn out to be so unpredictable and so fleeting.

“At least once in my life”, 2013. (USA)

"At least once in my life", 2013. (USA)

The protagonists of these romantic movies live in the heart of the music world—New York. So, he is the former head of a music label and she is a musician and the former girlfriend of a rock star. Because, and sure enough, the music brings them together to start afresh.

“Best Offer”, 2012 (Italy).

"Best Offer", 2012 (Italy)

Virgil Oldman, the hero of the women’s film, is an aging auctioneer who has never known love from a woman. However, he has devoted his life to one love—the love of painting. But one day, a young woman asks him to appraise an antique at her parents’ villa. So, having gotten acquainted with the pleasant girl and having seen in her a kindred soul, the hero falls in love with her, not realizing that she has become the pawn in someone’s artful swindle…

“The Last Love of Mr. Morgan”, 2013. (Germany, Belgium, USA, France)

"The Last Love of Mr. Morgan", 2013. (Germany, Belgium, USA, France)

After the death of his beloved wife, Matthew Morgan (an American professor) and his wife’s dissatisfied wife, life becomes more of a shambolic experience. But his encounter with the beautiful Parisian Pauline reveals a new lease on life. So, the romantic movies are about complicated family relationships, love, and the great human desire to find a friend among thousands of people completely indifferent to you.

Romantics Anonymous, 2010 (France, Belgium)

Romantics Anonymous, 2010 (France, Belgium)

For both the central characters, the chocolate manufacturer Angelique and the chocolate company owner Jean-René, every day is about overcoming the constant fear of people around them. He can be paralyzed by the ringing of his own phone, while she panics or faints when someone praises him. So how do they express their feelings if they can’t even talk to each other?

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