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Robot Child

Robot Child

Australia, horror, sci-fi, thriller, drama, 2019

A global catastrophe has destroyed all life on earth. However, in an underground bunker laboratory, an emergency program is automatically activated: robot-humanoid “Mother” grows a child from an embryo, which is destined to revive mankind in the future. Because, for many years, the girl is raised by artificial intelligence in complete isolation from the outside world in her care. “Mother” prepares her for an important mission and tells her about the aftermath of a horrific catastrophe. But one day, a living woman shows up at the door of a classified bunker asking for help.

The Way Home

China, USA, melodrama, family, 2019

However, a young man named Lucas finds a stray puppy, takes him home, and names him Bella. Together with his mother, he surrounds the baby with love, and soon she grows into a happy dog. But one day, Lucas goes away to another city for a while, leaving Bella in the care of his girlfriend’s aunt. However, the restless devil, unable to cope with his longing for his master, escapes and ends up hundreds of miles away from home. But loyalty to her master helps Bella overcome the long journey to be reunited with Lucas again.

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