Allez, Eddy Plot

Allez, Eddy

Sometimes it happens that the adult world is a barrier to the fulfillment of children’s desires – the problems of parents, their understanding of life can go against the dreams of their own children. It is precisely in this situation that Freddy, the boy in the film, finds himself. In July 1975, the whole of Belgium supports Eddy Merckx, the legendary cyclist, and, of course, all Belgian boys dream of becoming famous athletes like him.

So does the son of a butcher from a tiny town somewhere in the south of Belgium. However, this summer their small town is in for a much bigger shock: the first French supermarket is about to open, and all the local shopkeepers are very worried about the appearance of such a competitor. The construction of the supermarket is causing a split not only among the residents but also in the family of the butcher Andre: his son, little Freddy, does not understand why his parents are so afraid of the French coming, but in spite of parental prohibitions, he decides to participate in a promotional cycling race organized by the supermarket to get one step closer to his dream and become a cyclist.

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