Amazing Films on people that Defied Stereotypes

Temple Grandin, 2010

Temple Grandin, 2010

From a girl who couldn’t speak to a professor who lectures on animal science. Temple Grandin shows that autism isn’t a death sentence. The biographical film about one of the leading scientists was not released in cinemas. But it won great love from viewers and critics alike. And there are several reasons for this: First, the amazing true story of a remarkable woman; secondly, the inspiring example of how one should fight for one’s own happiness, contrary to the conventions that society dictates; and, thirdly, the performance of Claire Danes, who was awarded a Golden Globe.

Here I am, 2011!

Here I am, 2011


The action takes place in the sixties. American housewives weren’t yet desperate when teachers came, not as replacements but for life. Andy Nichol is an ordinary boy, of which there are many. But here’s English literature teacher Mr. Simon pairing him up with the school-wide laughingstock, Big G (Red). A joint literature project becomes a catalyst for Andy’s personal growth. The label “different” turns from name-calling to a compliment. “This is what I am” is a bit like the already mentioned “Mona Lisa’s Smile”. While the amazing transformation of the students takes place with the help of the teacher. He himself finds himself the subject of awful rumors and gossip.

Servant, 2011.

Servant, 2011.

USA, India, UAE

Of course, you can’t beat this film. It’s set in the 1960s in the US, at a time when racial segregation and inequality were rampant. The main character, former student and future writer Skeeter breaks several stereotypes. Firstly, for her, unlike her friends, marriage is not the end of her dreams. Secondly, she, unlike her friends and family, is not going to turn a blind eye to the unfair treatment of servants. And thirdly, she dares to write several openly provocative articles and publish a book that would expose the truth. About society’s prejudices and the lives of black maids.

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