Best 4 Films About Women With Strong Characters

Strong female leads have been predominating on both large and small screens, giving audiences. A glimpse into a variety of diverse, challenging, captivating, and inspirational female characters. FMovies have titles that pack a punch with solid plotlines and powerful female leads, ranging from movies that inspire to flicks you can veg out to. The best part is that you can take Best 4 Films About Women With Strong Characters from these badass women without ever leaving the comfort of your house.

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade

2018, comedy, drama

Thirteen-year-old Kayla Day is graduating from eighth grade and is about to enter high school, where things are more serious. Life is more complicated. In high school, teenage films grow out of kids, the jokes become tougher. The division between successful and unsuccessful students becomes more pronounced. Kayla is on the list of the “quietest” students in school because she prefers to remain inconspicuous.

despite the fact that the girl does not particularly like to communicate at school. She runs her own vlog on YouTube, where she talks about pressing problems, but her videos are not particularly well watched. Kayla is addicted to social networking, which is very disturbing to her father. Although the girl herself is more worried about the Strong Women Characters Movies going to high school.

She faces a new stage in life, which is already difficult to give in adolescence when you do not shine with beauty and are not a model of style.



2019, comedy, drama

Enterprising stripper dancers find the perfect way to enrich and retaliate against brazen customers. By putting the promiscuous patrons of an upscale club to sleep. The nimble con artists get their hands on the bank cards.

The novice stripper, Destiny (Constance Woo), learns firsthand that the striptease world is not really as glamorous as she thought. The business is hard to get through because of the strong competition. The pay is low, and the customers are often the real scoundrels.

When Destiny meets the bright and talented Ramona (Jennifer Lopez), the experienced colleague becomes an idol and mentor to Destiny. With her help, the Strong Women Characters in Movies girl turns into one of the club’s most spectacular strippers and starts earning big money. But the lucrative and carefree time of an economic crisis for women suddenly comes. All their savings disappeared overnight when the world war ended.

Three years later, financial need forces Destiny back to the one life in which she has learned to thrive. When she meets Ramona again, her friend tells her about her cunning new plan that will allow the girls to get rich and return to a life of luxury as well as get revenge on those who left them penniless.



2019, biographical film, drama, historical film

Based on the true story of the black woman, Harriet Tubman, Strong Women’s Characters in Movies: Harriet Tubman was a former slave and abolitionist who dedicated her life to fighting all manifestations of slavery. The heroine traveled constantly to the southern United States to remove slaves. It was also active in the Underground Railroad, which transports fugitives to the north or to Canada.

Rose-Colored Skies

Rose-Colored Skies

drama, melodrama

Aditi and Niren share a genetic disease, causing their children to have a 25% chance of being immunocompromised. Despite this, the characters are in love and decide to have a child. So they have a boy, Ishaan, whose pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

A few years later, Aditi and Niren become parents again. This time it was a charming girl, whom I’ll call Aisha. It is in her name that the story will be told, and at the very beginning. We learn that the girl has died because of the strong female characters in movies. Despite the tragic moment, the story is a romantic drama, as Aisha herself insists, telling the audience about her parents’ life. Their marriage spits in the face of tradition, which caused the characters to leave their homeland and move to London. They literally had to start life all over again.

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