Best 6 Dream Movies For a Sunday Night

These are the Best 6 Dream Movies for a Sunday Night. FMovies Free has advanced the plot of films. From Total Recall to Eyes Wide Shut.

Mulholland Drive, 2001 (France, USA)

A Dream Films that will surely make you puzzle over the outcome of the plot. However, an enigmatic girl suffering from memory loss after an accident chooses a new name and tries to restart her life in Hollywood. The secrets of her past keep haunting her. Where’s the dream in all this? So, that’s a question to be watching the film all the way to the end.

“Beginning,” 2010 (USA, UK)

"Beginning," 2010 (USA, UK)

So, Christopher Nolan’s film is an inventive take on the journey into and through sleep. Like in the previous Dream Films, the beginning is very confusing, so don’t be surprised if, after watching this masterpiece. You urgently need to check if the world around you is real.

“Dreams of Akira Kurosawa”, 1990 (USA, Japan)

"Dreams of Akira Kurosawa", 1990 (USA, Japan)

This film is essentially a collection of eight parable novellas in which the director travels from one strange place to another. It is sometimes eerie, sometimes fairytale; from one location to another, meeting surprising characters. You may see a man walking in painted pictures. A cute child willing to suffer harsh punishment for his misdeeds? The film will appeal primarily to admirers of Akira Kurosawa’s work, but we’re sure everyone will be able to find a story they like best.

“Science of Sleep”, 2006. (France, Italy)

"Science of Sleep", 2006. (France, Italy)

Since The Science of Sleep (directed by Gael Garcia Bernal) is about a man lost in the world. He imagined and real. His imagination is certainly magnificent, except that it takes him away from reality and plunges him. It completely becomes a strange illusion.

“Open Your Eyes”, 1997 (Italy, France, Spain)

"Open Your Eyes", 1997 (Italy, France, Spain)

Alejandro Amenabar’s film also suggests the idea of an arbitrary confusion between reality and dreams. A terrible car accident changes everything in handsome C├ęsar’s life, including his appearance, but he wakes up one day and finds everything back, including his old face. So, Where there is reality and where there is a dream, the lines are blurred for the hero. If the description reminds you of the American film Vanilla Sky. The Hollywood version is a remake of Open Your Eyes.

“Good Night,” 2005 (USA, UK, Germany)

"Good Night," 2005 (USA, UK, Germany)

The main character, Harry, in this melodrama has a good job. He has a girlfriend he likes, but nothing makes him feel good. He can only breathe easily in his sleep when he’s not burdened by the monotony of his routine and when he’s caught up in his daydreams and dreams. It falls in love with another girl.

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