Best 6 Movies About Fashion Designers

Movies about fashion or designer movies that have cool fashion in them. So, If you want to watch the Best 6 Movies About Fashion Designers movies. However, this combination of glamour and edginess makes the fashion industry a perfect subject for Fashion Designers’ Films yet dramatic cinema. Here we list some of the best movies about fashion.

“Coco to Chanel”, 2009 (France, Belgium)

"Coco to Chanel", 2009 (France, Belgium)

From the incredible and charming Audrey Tautou comes the story of Gabrielle’s transformation into Madame Chanel. The beautiful costumes, great style, and settings—this is the Fashion Designers’ Films of a legendary female couturier. There’s another version of Chanel’s life story called Coco Chanel, starring the brilliant Shirley MacLaine.

Yves Saint Laurent: Crazy Love, 2010. (France)

Yves Saint Laurent: Crazy Love, 2010. (France)

Since the documentary looks back at fifty years of work by international fashion genius Yves Saint Laurent. However, including his long romantic and business relationship with Pierre Bergé, his difficulties and losses, and the interweaving of the worlds of fabric, texture, fashion, and art. By the way, there are also two feature films about the fashion designer’s career. “Yves Saint Laurent” starring Pierre Niney and “Saint Laurent. Style is Me” starring Gaspard Ullal.

“Valentino: The Last Emperor”, 2008. (USA)

"Valentino: The Last Emperor", 2008. (USA)

So the material for this Fashion movie was shot for two years, from June 2005 to July 2007, giving it. However, The viewer has a glimpse into the world of the famous designer Valentino and a glimpse into the work and creation of this great artist.

“Secrets of Lagerfeld”, 2007. (France)

"Secrets of Lagerfeld", 2007. (France)

Thanks to director Rudolf Marconi, whose camera captured more than 150 hours of the designer’s private life. So, we discover what this fashion creator, Karl Lagerfeld, really likes behind his large sunglasses.

“McQueen and I,” 2011 (Great Britain)

"McQueen and I," 2011 (Great Britain)

Since, A biography-dedication to the British designer, rebel by nature, and a man of incredibly creative ideas, Alexander McQueen. because of his brother, closest friend, and muse, Isabella Blow, Tom Ford, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss. So, many others talked about the fashion designers whose lives were cut short in such a tragic way.

“Dior and I”, 2014 (France)

"Dior and I", 2014 (France)

Since then, this documentary looks behind the scenes at the fashion house and shows who helped Raf Simons. So, He took over from John Galliano as creative director and realized his ideas for the first Dior fashion show and what it cost him.

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