Best 7 Movies With Genius Main Character

In most movie plots, someone has to be the brains of the operation. It often just run-of-the-mill smarty pants just won’t do. There are the best 7 Movies With Genius Main characters online at Fmovies.

Catch Me If You Can.

Catch Me If You Can

USA, Canada, 2002

A biographical film about Frank Abagnale, who, at the age of 16, after the divorce of his parents, set off to travel around the world. So, he’s learning how to forge bank cheques and disguise himself. Because He stole $2.5 million worth of money from banks and managed to evade the law in about 26 countries. And, of course, the film is worth seeing if only for the chance to watch the characters of the wonderful Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio confront each other.


USA, 2004

The main character in this film is not just Catherine, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, who manages to prove an incredible theory, but, a mathematician. So “Proof” raises the issue of women in science. They are few and far between, as if there were an axiom. A woman cannot achieve much in science because she is a woman. And it is certainly not possible if her father is a prominent scientist.

Einstein and Eddington

Einstein and Eddington

UK, USA, 2008

Two scientists, Albert Einstein and Arthur Eddington, are on the verge of an important discovery that will revolutionize their lives. The way the universe is organized. One lives in England, the other in Berlin, and when World War I breaks out, politics and ethnic animosity intervene, doing everything in their power to prevent this collaboration from taking place.

Luzhin’s Defense

Luzhin's Defense

UK, France, 2000.

Since the film is based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov about a chess player with a tragic destiny. A man of genius and talent gone mad. So The chessboard is the border between two realities. His love for a woman is the only thing that connects him to the outside world. But here he is a stranger, and there he has no place without her.

Measuring the World

Measuring the World

Germany, 2012.

A screen adaptation of Daniel Kelman’s novel about Alexander von Humboldt. A scientist, renowned physicist, geographer, botanist, and zoologist, and Friedrich Gauss, the “king of mathematicians”. Because The former traveled all his life, gaining insight into the world through his own experiences and observations. The world gained an encyclopedic scientist and founder of many fields of science. Since,The latter spent his whole life in Braunschweig and Göttingen, which did not prevent him from inventing number theory and becoming one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. So In 1828, the two explorers and conquerors of the world would meet at the First World Congress in Berlin…

Jobs: Empire of Temptation

Jobs: Empire of Temptation

USA, Switzerland, 2013

The film has been the talk of the town and in cinemas and is in fact a biography of technology genius Steve Jobs. The film will tell about a rather long period in the life of the legendary Apple creator. Starting from his student days and ending with his second coming as head of the corporation. Incidentally, another film about the man who created the iPhone, Steve Jobs, will be released this autumn.

A Glimpse of Genius

A Glimpse of Genius

USA, Canada, 2008.

Since, The life story of Mr. Kearns (Greg Kinnear), Ph.D., inventor, loving husband, and father of several children. One day, while driving in the rain, he invents an electronically controlled windshield wiper. so that the wipers move in different modes depending on how hard it is raining. So, knowing that such an invention would be popular, he obtains a patent, opens a workshop, puts production on the line, and starts negotiating a supply contract. And all goes well until Kearns discovers that his idea has been stolen.

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