Best Action Movies from the 80s and 90s

Action Movies from 80s and 90s

Die Hard

1988 / Thriller, Action / USA

Die Hard is the pinnacle of the 1980s action movie genre. This film made Bruce Willis one of the main stars of Hollywood, introduced Alan Rickman to the whole world, and put into circulation the famous phrase “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!”. Unlike Rocky, Rambo and other tough guys, the hero of Bruce Willis did not strive for exploits and acted. At times, extravagantly, but it was precisely such a vulnerable and not very successful police officer John McClain that the public accepted as their own. Since, With a budget of $ 28 million, the action movie grossed almost $ 140 million, for 1988 these were gigantic numbers. “Die Hard” is considered a classic of world cinema. A copy of the picture is in the US Library of Congress. The cult action movie spawned an entire franchise.

The Terminator

1984/Action/USA, UK

James Cameron’s action movie about the confrontation between people and machines is the standard of the genre and a real cult of the era and video salons. However, the Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, has become a prominent pop culture hero, and Sarah Connor has become one of the most courageous and strong women in cinema. So, the director managed to create an incredible mix of drama, action, science fiction, melodrama, and psychological thriller, which brought the film a fantastic success. The profit from the rental exceeded the budget by more than 10 times – with a budget of 6 million dollars, the picture earned 78 million. “Terminator” gave rise to an entire cinematic universe.


1987/Thriller, Action/USA

A tough and uncompromising action movie became a classic of the genre and made a splash. “Predator” is rapidly gaining an army of fans. So, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role, a serious threat, and a mysterious alien creature. Since, this was enough for commercial success (the film grossed $ 98 million), and for the filming of the sequel. The film was even nominated for an Oscar for special effects. However, Director John McTiernan didn’t just make a landmark film, he set the stage for an entire Predator race.


1987/Crime, Action/USA

The film directed by Paul Verhoeven about a cyborg policeman who terrifies the underworld has become a cult. RoboCop itself has become a symbol of justice. In addition to the tough and spectacular action scenes. There was a place for both humor and drama in the tape. The authors of the picture are elegantly ironic over a futuristic society, immersed in corruption and violence, and at the same time talked about the topic of humanity.

RoboCop was up for three Academy Awards and won one for sound effects editing. Since, in 2014, a remake was presented to the audience, which could not repeat the success of the original.


1994 / Adventure, Crime, Action / USA

One of the major action hits movies of the 1990s and an example of a super-successful stunt action movie. However, the story of a young intelligence agent who is trying to prevent the explosion of a booby-trapped bus immediately captured the attention of the public. Its total worldwide fees amounted to $350 million. In addition, the tape was awarded two “technical” “Oscars” – for the best sound and the best sound editing. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock were awarded the MTV award as the best on-screen duo.

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