Best Eight Biographical Films About Artists

You’ll find films describing the lives of painters, sculptors, visual artists, and a whole host of others from the Renaissance to the present on this list of the best artist biopics. However, artists provide the ideal subjects for Eight Biographical Films About Artists. So they lead fascinating lives that are bursting with combustible emotion and unquestionable talent.

“Vincent and Theo, 1990 (Netherlands, UK, France, Italy, Germany)”

"Vincent and Theo, 1990 (Netherlands, UK, France, Italy, Germany)"

The plot of the Best Biographical Movies reveals the story of Vincent van Gogh’s relationship with his brother. However, the devoted his managerial talent to facilitate the life of the genius painter. So, A beautifully atmospheric and brilliant performance from Tim Roth immerses the viewer in the life of the artist-genius.

“Frida”, 2002 (USA, Canada, Mexico)

"Frida", 2002 (USA, Canada, Mexico)

Since, an emotional and vivid Best Biographical Movies about a strong and extremely spirited woman with a rebellious character. ¬†Frida was 20 years old when she married Mexico’s most famous painter Diego Rivera. A poor, rich and debauched young man. The painting introduces us to Frida not only as a brilliant artist but also as a woman for whom love and family came first.

“El Greco”, 2007 (Greece, Spain, Hungary)

"El Greco", 2007 (Greece, Spain, Hungary)

A beautiful love story film intertwined with the artist’s thoughts on painting. Because It allows us to look at the world through the eyes of a painter and to better understand his work. So, for fans of the historical genre, the era depicted in the film will not remain indifferent.

“Big Eyes”, 2014 (USA, Canada)

"Big Eyes", 2014 (USA, Canada)

A Best Biographical Movies about the enormous deception that was built over 12 years by married couple artists Margaret and Walter Keane. So, Beautifully marketed paintings of children with big mesmerizing eyes turned out to have been painted by the very wrong man. So, It was worshipped and its talent was genuinely admired.

“Modigliani”, 2004. (USA, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Romania)

"Modigliani", 2004. (USA, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Romania)

Rather, the film is a drama with elements of the biography of the famous painter Modigliani. So It is a colorful portrayal of a genius and the atmosphere of a great time and will not leave you indifferent. Even if you are not an admirer of Modigliani’s work.

“Renoir. Last love”, 2012. (France)

"Renoir. Last love", 2012. (France)

This Best Biographical Movies, shot in pastel and warm colors, like Auguste Renoir’s paintings themselves, plays with bright strokes and sunlight. It tells the story of the French impressionist painter’s last years of life. Because the story covers the artist’s creative process and his relationship with his son Jean. However, a new sitter becomes the master’s latest muse and fills his world with new colors.

“The Artist’s Wife,” 2012 (Denmark, Sweden)

"The Artist's Wife," 2012 (Denmark, Sweden)

This film revolves around the biography of Danish artist Marie Kreyer, who married. So, A brilliant, internationally renowned painter, Peder Severin Kreyer, gave up paint and brushes to devote herself fully to her family and husband. They seemed an ideal couple, but behind the external happiness was hidden. A hard and sometimes dangerous life with an unstable man.

“Van Gogh: Portrait, written in words,” 2010. (Great Britain)

"Van Gogh: Portrait, written in words," 2010. (Great Britain)

Documentary about the artist’s life and work. It’s based on correspondence between the artist and his brother, which reveals Van Gogh as a thoughtful and demanding artist, but also as a controversial personality. A man of courage, often harsh and abrasive, but at the same time sensitive and vulnerable.

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