Best Family Movies to Watch Right Now

Best Family Movies

“Last Holiday” USA, 2006

Georgia Byrd is just a kitchen utensil salesman at a supermarket chain, but in her spare time she fills out a dream card and dreams of a completely different life. One day, she is diagnosed with a terminal illness and decides to pursue her lifelong dream. The girl arrives at a glamorous European resort, where she embarks on a series of unexpected adventures…

Boyfriend from the Future (About Time), UK 2013

The extraordinary story of a young man who at the age of 21 suddenly inherits the gift of time travel from his father. So, he uses this skill for every occasion in an attempt to change his life and the lives of those around him for the better…

Pollyanna, UK, 2003

The main character – a cute 11-year-old girl named Pollyanna – always knows how to enjoy life under any circumstances, which at first annoys not only her grumpy aunt but also the other residents of the gloomy town in which the young heroine is due to not the most pleasant circumstances. Soon all the heroes of the picture found out about the unusual game of young Polianna and their lives began to change! Until an unforeseen event occurs…

The Chronicles of Narnia – All Parts

Since, a beautiful and epic adaptation of the fantasy tale series about the adventures of two brothers and two sisters in the magical land called Narnia. Where animals can talk, magic surprises no one and good fights evil.

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