Best Films: Coronavirus is Not the Worst Disaster

Worst Disaster Coronavirus Films



A drama about human relationships wrapped in a disaster film. A comet is moving towards the planet, which should crash into the Earth. The chances of survival are extremely small, but they are. A simple American family gets the opportunity to evacuate, but first, they need to get to the rally point.



In Russia, forests burn every year, including in winter. However, at the center of the plot of this large-scale blockbuster is the story of Avialesookhrana employees who, not sparing themselves, are trying to resist the elements.


2009/Adventure, Action/USA

Some experts believe that the Mayans predicted the end of the world for mankind—a global cataclysm was to occur in 2012. It didn’t happen in real life, but it did in the movie. On Earth, one natural disaster is replaced by another: they knew that this would happen and, therefore, prepared a secret evacuation. In the center of the plot is a family that is trying to escape from death.

Independence Day

1996/Adventure, Action/USA

Not an earthquake, so aliens. This also happens, especially on US Independence Day. Giant flying saucers covered the sky over the main cities of the world. They are ready to destroy humanity, but there are heroes who are ready to throw themselves at the embarrassment, if only not to offend the Earth.


2008/Horror, Action

One fine evening, a giant monster appears on the streets of New York. It destroys everything in its path, killing everyone around it. The army has nothing to oppose this creature. The only way out is to strike it with nuclear missiles. Due to the destruction caused by the monster, the protagonist’s girlfriend is trapped, whom he rushes to save.

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