Best Films That Make You Think Psychological

Best Offer, 2012

Best Offer, 2012


An Adventurous Thriller film centered on the elderly Virgil Oldman, managing director of a leading auction house. He and his old partner have pulled hundreds of scams together. So now he has a hidden room in his house where he has hundreds of portraits of women painted by great masters of all ages. Because one day, a mysterious woman bursts into his life, begging him to appraise her vast estate. which was left after the death of her parents. During the course of the film, it seems that the solution is very close at hand, but the director deftly untangles it. The invisible threads of the plot mislead everyone around him.

2012, Time Loop

Time Loop, 2012

USA, China

An extremely convoluted futuristic action film about the future. Since,The film’s protagonist, Joe, has a very unusual job. He is a looper—someone who closes time loops. In an even more distant future, advanced gangsters have invented an excellent way to get rid of unwanted people. However, they pack them in identical uniforms, attach a bag with silver bars to their backs (payment to the recipient for services), and send them back 30 years. They are waiting for a killer looper who sends a “package” to the other world. But one day, Joe, coming to “work”, receives a message from the future… himself.

Trans, 2013.

Trans, 2013

UK, France

At the center of the intrigue is the theft of a Goya painting by an auction house employee, Simon (James McAvoy). An unexpected indenture during the theft robs Simon of his memory. So, with the help of his fakers and hypnotherapist, Elizabeth, the young man begins to remember where he put the expensive canvas. However, add to that a twisted plot, stylish sets, an atmospheric soundtrack, and good acting. You have a good psychological thriller.

Before I Fall Asleep, 2013

Before I Fall Asleep, 2013

USA, UK, France, Sweden

Since Based on the novel of the same name by British journalist and physician S.J. Since, Watson, it tells the story of a woman who lost her memory in a car crash. Every day she wakes up in a strange house with a stranger, thinking. She is still 20 years old when, in fact, she is already 40. Because, Different people give her different information, which she tries to piece together and record. But will she be able to find the truth and find out what really happened if she can’t remember anything in the morning?

The Thirteenth Tale, 2013

The Thirteenth Tale, 2013

Great Britain

So “The Thirteenth Tale” is an adaptation of Diana Setterfield’s bestselling novel of the same name. However, Recognized author Vida Winter invites Margaret Leigh to her estate to become her biographer. However, at each subsequent meeting, the closeted Lady Winter tells Margaret the story of her two twin sisters, Adeline and Emmeline, gradually revealing what family skeletons are “hiding” in her wardrobe.

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