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Hello, My Name Is Doris, 2015.

Hello, My Name Is Doris, 2015


The recent death of her mother not only plunges the main character, Doris, into loneliness. Since all she did was work and take care of her mother. Neither going to motivational lectures nor working adds to her optimism. But everything changes when a new employee suddenly shows up at the office – the art director, John. And unexpectedly, Doris falls in love with a colleague who is half her age, for only now. She finally realized that up to that moment. She had neither her own full life nor her youth, with its dreams and small, simple joys. Starring the magnificent Sally Field, winner of two Oscars, who reminds us. It’s never too late to start living life to the fullest and, in fact, anything is possible.

20th Century Women/20th Century Women, 2016.

20th Century Women/20th Century Women, 2016


The 1970s in the US were a time of punk rock, loose morals, feminism, and sunny glare in photographs. (which is what the poster for the film looks like, by the way). The main character, Dorothea, played by Annette Bening, is constantly questioning her qualifications as the mother of 15-year-old Jamie. The second heroine is Abby. A photographer and active member of the punk movement, this photographer is recovering from a serious illness. And the third is young Julie, Jamie’s best friend. Both Abby and Julie try to help Dorothea better understand her son. Director Mike Mills called his partly autobiographical film “. A declaration of love to all the women who took part in his upbringing, especially his mother and sisters. What did that confession turn out to be? This is a typical indie film with characters, images, a carefully reconstructed zeitgeist, and real-life dialogue.

Christine/Christine, 2016

Christine/Christine, 2016


Have you ever heard of Christine Chubbuck? So, you already know that she was the first and only reporter in history to commit suicide on live television. She worked in crime reporting for a while before becoming the host of her own talk show. The management of the television channel constantly demanded more blood on the screen, which internally she was totally opposed to. On July 15, 1974, she began her on-air show, as she always did.

But when a technical hitch occurred with the video, Christine calmly said to the camera. “In accordance with Channel 40’s policy, which calls for more bloody episodes in bright colors. You will now see the first attempted suicide,” and then she shot herself in the head. The broadcast was interrupted, and 14 hours later, the journalist died. This film is an explanation of that terrible act, and perhaps the justification of the heroine herself.

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