Best Movies About Willpower For Children

“We’re the Best!”

"We're the Best!"

Sweden, 2013, dir. Lucas Madison

The very title of this film suggests that you have to believe in yourself, no matter what. However, the film was directed by Swedish filmmaker Lucas Moodison in 2013 and is based on the novel of the same name, written by his wife Coco Madison. The action takes place in the 1980s. Three teenage girls decided to form a punk band. Because everyone around them had no instruments and said that punk rock was dead. But the girls didn’t give up. “We’re the Best!” is a hymn to rebellion and freedom, true friendship and support. The main characters of the musical film are inspired by their unity and faith in each other, by their desire to create, and not to back down from their goal.

“Pay Another”

"Pay Another"

USA, 2000, dir. Mimi Leder

Without a doubt, “Pay Another” is an undeniable source of inspiration for both children and adults. However, this film makes you believe that nothing is impossible and even the most improbable idea can come true if you want to do something good for the world. The screenplay was based on Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel Pay It Forward (1999). The film tells the story of seventh-grade student Trevor McKinney, who becomes the organizer of the Pay It Forward movement. Trevor’s idea is very simple: imagine doing a significant favor for someone and asking that person to thank not you, but any three people, who in turn thank three others, and so on, spreading kindness around the world. The film tells us how effective such a heartfelt idea can be.



USA, 1996, dir. Danny DeVito

Matilda is a very unusual girl. Although she can multiply huge numbers in her head and move objects with her eyes. and do many other supernatural things. Her parents are indifferent to her daughter, so she raises herself. However, The girl’s mother is a housewife who is busy watching TV, playing the lottery, and doing other “important” things. The father sells old cars and thinks only about them. The brother constantly abuses Matilda. There is nothing left for the girl to do on her own.

She has been going to the library since she was four years old, reading a lot of books and learning to cook and do laundry. The school is ruled by a stern and opinionated principal, who does not like children. And Matilda puts all her powers into action to free the school from her oppressive regime. This film is about a real quest for knowledge and a realization of one’s own abilities, despite the obstacles around us.

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