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A Turtle’s Nest

A Turtle's Nest

Original air date: July 20

Production on the Ukrainian film began back in 2013, and filming was repeatedly interrupted. Since, Two years ago, at the fifth OIFF, the film won the top prize in the Work in Progress program. A competition for films is in progress. “The Dove’s Nest” was declared the winner on the day. It has become known about the tragic death of Vitaly Linetsky. who played the leading male role in the film. The story is about a Ukrainian woman, Daria, who went to Italy to find work and feed her family. While she earns money abroad, her family in Ukraine is gradually falling apart, and her very young daughter gets pregnant by a guy who has no intention of marrying her. In addition, Daria meets a man in Italy. A loving relationship begins between them. When Daria returns from Italy, she discovers that she too is pregnant.

I am Daniel Blake.

I am Daniel Blake.

Original air date: July 22

Ken Loach’s social drama, tells the story of the “little man’s” struggle against the system. In need of government aid after a heart attack, 59-year-old Daniel faces the indifference and inhumanity of the bureaucratic machine. The film won the Palme d’Or at the 69th Cannes Film Festival this year. This is the second award for the European classic of poignant social cinema. In 2006, Loach won the Palme d’Or for The Wind that Shakes the Heather.

The Sea is on fire.

The Sea is on fire.

Air Date: July 22nd and 23rd

The main triumph of the Berlin IFF was that it won. In addition to the Golden Bear, the Ecumenical Jury Prize, and the Amnesty International Award. The film tells the story of 12-year-old Samuel, who lives on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Like all boys his age, he likes to climb rocks on the coast and play with a slingshot. But his home is not like any other island. Because, For years, it has been a haven for people trying to get across from Africa in boats that are too small and decrepit. However, the island of Lampedusa has become a symbol of the resettlement of refugees in Europe, their hopes, their hardships, and the fates of thousands of emigrants. These people seek peace, freedom, and happiness, and yet from time to time, only their dead bodies end up on land.

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