Best Netflix Movies: 5 Best Films You Can Stream Right Now


Love and Monsters

Love and monsters

“Love and Monsters” is a combination of adventure film, SicFri and romance. Seven years after the Monstrous Calypse, Joel Dawson lives underground with the rest of humanity, since giant creatures took control of the earth. After re-connecting via radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee, who is now 80 miles away in the seaside colony, Joel begins to fall in love with her again. When Joel realizes that he has nothing left under the ground, he decides against all logic to go on Aimee.

The Irishman


Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman”  is without a doubt brilliant. This is an epic saga that portrays the world of organized crime in post-war America from the perspective of Frank Sheeran – a WWII veteran, con artist and contract assassin who has had the opportunity to work with the most famous criminals of the century.

The action of the film takes place over several decades and shows the backstage of one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in US history, the disappearance of the legendary trade union leader Jimmy Hoffa. Get ready for a really long screening, because the movie lasts 3.5 hours, although you can also watch it as a mini-series.

The Old Guard

The Old Guard  is a movie based on a comic by Greg Rucki. It tells the story of a secret group of mercenaries led by the warrior Andy. Nothing can kill them, and for centuries they have been fighting for the safety of the human world. One day the team is recruited to undertake an emergency mission that can change everything. “The Old Guard” is a brilliantly shot and played, strong story that shows us that it is not easy to live.

Velvet Buzzsaw


If you are an artist or your life has anything to do with art then you should watch  “Velvet Buzzsaw”. The main character of the film is Morf Vanderwalt, a controversial art critic and owner of a small gallery. One day, quite by accident, he comes across a collection of masterpieces hidden from the world. He is haunted by the fact that a previously unknown painter dies on the same day that Vanderwalt first sees his works. It turns out there is a curse over them that spreads like a plague.

Project Power


“Project Power”  is a specific combination of an action movie with superhero cinema – very similar in style to the series “The Boys” on Amazon Prime Video. Three people challenge the drug boss in New Orelan. He distributes a drug that allows you to gain superpowers for a short time, although it can lead to death. You have to stop this. In the main roles, we will see, among others Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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