Best Touching Stories Movies For Family Viewing

One of the finest ways to spend quality time as a family is to cuddle up on the couch with your tiny ones. A Family Stories Films, and a huge bowl of popcorn. It’s difficult, though, to select a movie that everyone will enjoy (cue the sibling bickering). So, Here are the best Touching Stories Movies For Family Viewing that everyone will enjoy, including several classics from your own youth. Prepare your food, lower the lights, and take a seat to watch.



Great Britain, 1969, dir. Ken Loach

“Kes” is a wonderful adaptation of Barry Hines’ novel about a 12-year-old boy, Billy Casper, who has no friends. So, he often fights with his brother and his mother. He has a far from an ideal relationship with his classmates as well. However is bullied by many people at school, both his peers and teachers. He finds solace only when he discovers a falcon and decides to take on the task of raising the bird. Inspired by the bird’s freedom, he becomes very attached to it and soon realizes it is his best friend.



South Africa, 1969, dir. Jamie Yuis

Since, the African Kalahari Desert, the setting of the film, poses a real challenge to the little boy Dirki and his dog. South African director Jamie Yui’s filmed. So, a fantastic story of how a little boy, overcoming fear, heat and cold, hunger and thirst, walks through the desert to his father. In a desperate attempt to save his son, the father sells everything Family Stories Films owns and prints. However, Two million leaflets with advice on how to survive in the desert, which is dropped from helicopters over an area of 350,000 square miles.

Cat Trap

Cat Trap

Hungary, Canada, Germany, 1986, dir. Bela Ternovski

The action of this Animated Film takes place on the fictional planet X, where cats live as well as mice, bats, and rats. However, Gangs of cats, united in criminal gangs, are preparing for a decisive battle with the mice. To prevent the cats from taking over the planet. A certain Professor Fushimishi invented the machine to render them helpless. The best mouse agent, Nick Grabowski, is send his way to see the professor. The cats get wind of the danger through their informants.

The rats, the cats’ underlings, are sent after the mouse agent. So, the cartoon is done in the best Family Stories Films spy tradition and surprises with unexpected details.

“My Neighbor Totoro”

"My Neighbor Totoro"

Japan, 1988, dir. Hayao Miyazaki

Since the author of the Oscar-winning animated film “Gone with the Ghosts” plunges his animation into a special world of magic and incredible adventures. This time Family Stories Films want to draw your attention to the story of two little sisters, Satsuki and Mei. Who, having moved to the countryside, meet the forest spirit Totoro (distorted “troll”). Since, after making friends with the girls, Totoro not only gives them a tour of his domain but also helps them see their mother, who is in the hospital.

“Kiriku and the Witch”

"Kiriku and the Witch"

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Latvia, Hungary, Senegal, 1998, dir. Michelle Oselo

Cinematographers from five European countries and one African country teamed up to create. This wonderful and colorful cartoon is about an unusual African boy Kiriku. So, he was barely born, he could speak, walk, and knew very well what he wanted. However, His mother told him a story about an evil sorceress who destroyed all the men in the village, except for her little brother.

The brave little Kirikou decides to accompany his uncle, the last warrior who went to the sorceress to fight her. So, the Family Stories Films Michel Osélo was directed in, a French animator famous for his works steeped in Eastern and African motifs. Princes and Princesses, Bedtime Stories, Azur and Azmar, Kirikou, and the Wild Beasts.

“Paper Planes.”

"Paper Planes."

Australia, 2014, dir. Robert Connolly.

Since, Kangaroos and platypuses, desert and ocean, that’s Australia. And a paper airplane will help you travel to this country. So, we offer to watch a film directed by Robert Connolly about an Australian boy who is incredibly passionate about flying. He decides to take part in the world championship of paper airplanes. However, the film is about children’s fun, but with adult attitudes of determination and fulfillment of their own dreams. “Paper Planes” will give you a bright mood and a piece of a hot summer.

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