Family Time: 5 Films from All Over the World

Family Movie night may turn into a battleground. If you’re not ready, trying to select a movie that will please the entire family can result in insults, eye-rolls, and tears. A lot of slammed doors. However, that is not how it must be. If you know what to look for, you can locate a photo that corresponds with every demonstration in your house. You must specifically look for one of the Family Time: 5 Films from All Over the World that are listed here. Additionally, as you’ll see, a good “family movie” need not be “for the kids.” Yes. Family Comedy Movies are a lot of animated classics, both new and old.

“The Secret of Kells”

"The Secret of Kells"

France, Belgium, Ireland, 2009, dir. Tom Moore

Enjoy the magic of the cold Scandinavian countries offered by French director Tomm Moore. So, The Secret of Kells is the first work by the creator of the Famous Animated Film Song of the Sea. We can already notice the director’s fondness for Scandinavian myths. The action takes place in the XIX century in the Irish countryside. However, the plot centers on 12-year-old Brendan, who, along with other monks, fortifies in Family Comedy Movies. The walls of the abbey stood against Viking raids. Since, the arrival at the abbey of the master illustrator and keeper of the cherished unfinished Book of Kell. An incredible adventure awaits Brendan.

Some of the drawings in the animated film directly correlate with images from the current Book of Kells: for example. The shapes of the trees in the scene when Brendan first enters the forest resemble. The shapes of the columns and arches in one of the manuscript pages.

“Perfect Game”

"Perfect Game"

Canada, USA, Mexico, 2009, dir. William Deere

“Perfect Game” is based on actual events and tells the story of a team of young baseball players from the Mexican city of Monterrey. Then, in 1957, the team achieved its first-ever sensational triumph in the U.S. national children’s baseball competition. So, after a Family Comedy Movies series of local victories in the southern United States, nine boys from the poorest Mexican families must overcome obstacles and cross all of America to make it to the final game.

“Terribly loud and incredibly close”

"Terribly loud and incredibly close"

USA, 2011, dir. Stephen Daldry

When it comes to film, as with travel, you can’t avoid the country that has built the film industry as we know it today. We’re talking, of course, about the United States. So, among an incredible number of films, our choice fell on the film “Scary Loud and Incredibly Close,” directed by Stephen Daldry. Because the film is based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Safran Foer. However, the Family Comedy Movies tell the story of ten-year-old Oscar, who lost his father on the day of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York.

Since, throughout the city, the boy searches for information that should resolve some of the mysterious circumstances of his father’s disappearance. Along the way, the boy will meet very different people who all have one thing in common. A terrible disaster that brought grief and loss.



India, 2011, dir. Vikas Behl, Nitesh Tiwari

India is a country that strikes with an incredible game of contrasts and the richness of life. We all know Bollywood movies with their many twists, songs, and dances, but “Daredevils” is a children‘s movie about unusual boys and their merry everyday lives. Since then, the story, seasoned with good humor, tells of a group of boys who live in their backyard. But one day, a little ragamuffin and his dog show up. This event leads to a series of unpredictable events.

Ernest and Celestine: The Adventures of a Mouse and a Bear

Ernest and Celestine: The Adventures of a Mouse and a Bear

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, 2012, dir. Stephanie Aubier

A French animation team animated the children’s fairy tale about the friendship between two outsiders – Ernest. A lonely grumpy bear who is a musician by vocation, and Celestine. A mouse with an artistic soul, whose relatives are ready to expel her for dissent and hooliganism. Rodents are supposed to make a career in dentistry instead of thinking about art. The film’s uncomplicated, sketchy, but at the same time incredibly energetic and emotional drawing captivates the Family Comedy Movies frames. But the story of the friendship between the mouse and the bear is not only inspiredly drawn, but also soundly written. A least without the trace of subduedness that distinguishes many projects for children.

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