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USA, 1960, dir. Sarah Harding

The film is based on the novel by Eleanor Porter, now considered a classic of children’s literature. It was not easy for the girl Pollyanna. Becoming an orphan, she moves in with her aunt. Caught in a world of strict rules and prohibitions, finding herself alone in a foreign city and in a foreign home, Pollyanna does not despair. What helps here is the “Game of Joy,” once invented by her father. It’s simple: in any situation, under any circumstances, you have to find something good, something to rejoice in… and share that joy with others. Watch this film with your child and get a charge of cheerfulness and positivity. This film is about a real commitment to life, with a smile and light in your heart.

“Pay Another”

"Pay Another"

USA, 2000, dir. Mimi Leder

Without a doubt, “Pay Another” is an undeniable source of inspiration for both children and adults. This film makes you believe that nothing is impossible and even the most improbable idea can come true if you want to do something good for the world. The screenplay was based on Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel Pay It Forward (1999). The film tells the story of seventh-grade student Trevor McKinney, who becomes the organizer of the Pay It Forward movement. Trevor’s idea is very simple: imagine doing a significant favor for someone and asking that person to thank not you, but any three people, who in turn thank three others, and so on, spreading kindness around the world. The film tells us how effective such a heartfelt idea can be.

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