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How many movies you have watched till now and which one is your favorite featured Hollywood movies apart from new Hollywood movies we have also added one new foreign language movie so watch full video to avoid missing any movie from this list.

The Bad Guys movie is a 2022 animated crime comedy film directed by Pierre pretravel the movie is set in a world where humans and animals co-exist.It is an amazingly stylish funny film packed with great animation and terrific story and believe me you will enjoy this one and the movie has 93 audience score on rotten tomatoes and seven rating on IMDB

KGF chapter two is a 2022action and drama film written and directed by Prussian Neal, and it serves as a sequel to the 2018 film KGF chapter one.The movie has a brilliant story, mind-blowing cinematography, and good action sequences, which makes this one of the featured Bollywood movies online worth watching. Unfortunately, it has a 94 audience score on rotten tomatoes and nine ratings on IMDB, the unbearable weight of a massive talent.

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