Films Show That the Coronavirus is Not the Biggest Disaster

Coronavirus Disaster Films

The Day After Tomorrow

2004/Adventure, Action

It is almost a parable about global warming and its impact on the Earth’s climate. A large-scale disaster film by Roland Emmerich clearly demonstrates one of the options for the development of events, or rather, the onset of a new ice age on the planet.


2007/Adventure, Thriller/UK

Thanks to the Sun, life exists on Earth. What will happen if it suddenly stops warming us? All life on the planet will be in danger of extinction. However, to kindle a flame on an extinct star, a special expedition is sent to it—a nuclear bomb is on board the spacecraft.

World War Z

2013 / Adventure, Horror, Action / USA, Malta

The film is based on a book by author Max Brooks. So, according to the plot, there is an outbreak of a strange disease on the planet, generated by nature; this is how the zombie apocalypse begins. Since, If a zombie bites you, you will turn into the same bloodthirsty monster within a few seconds. Jerry Lane, a former UN employee, is investigating the situation. He will have to find the source of the virus.

San Andreas

2015 / Drama, Action / USA

When the Pacific and North American tectonic plates begin to move, the San Andreas begins to widen – this leads to a huge number of large-scale earthquakes that can wipe out entire cities from the face of the earth. In the center of the plot is the rescuer Ray Gaines, a helicopter pilot who, together with his ex-wife, goes in search of his daughter, who was trapped.


2016/Drama, Thriller/Russia

A remake of the 1979 Soviet disaster film starring Vladimir Mashkov and Danila Kozlovsky. So, according to the plot, a series of earthquakes occur on the volcanic island of Kanvu in the Aleutian Islands. However, this is a story about the heroic actions of pilots who rushed to save people who were captured by the fiery elements.

Deepwater Horizon

2016/Drama, Thriller, Action/USA

The film is based on real events that took place in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded. The protagonist of the film, engineer Mike Williams (played by Mark Wahlberg), became the “face” of the catastrophe in his life: it was he who testified against his employers, who decided that the safety of station workers could be neglected in order to increase profits.

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