Films Where Actors Interact with their Kids

A Woman without rules / Crazy in Alabama, USA, 1999.

Woman without rules / Crazy in Alabama, USA, 1999.

Dakota Johnson deliberately did not use the name of his famous mother, leaving. The name of his father, the actor Don Johnson, was changed—she wanted to go their own way. And today, Dakota’s fame may well compare to Melanie’s popularity in her heyday. But still, Johnson owes her successful career to her mother, because she debuted on the same project as Griffith. In the satirical comedy “The Woman Without Rules” (1999), 10-year-old Dakota plays. The daughter of the heroine of her mother’s life. On the same tape appeared her younger half-sister, Stella Banderas, daughter of actor Antonio Banderas. At that time, Stella was only three years old, and she also played. The heiress to the character of her mother-actress. By the way, the film was directed by Antonio himself. So almost all of Melanie’s creative family was involved in the project—with the exception of her eldest son Alexander.

Zoolander, Germany, 2001

Zoolander, Germany, 2001

The famous Ben Stiller’s mother was once a famous comic actress, but her fame began to fade in the 1980s. However, here, to the delight of the parents and children, they began to gain momentum. They asserted themselves as both a director and an actor, and a producer. So in the 1990s, Anne Meara was back in business, appearing in various projects for her son. The most striking illustration of Stiller Jr.’s love for his relatives was the comedy “The Model Male” (2001). Here, not only his mother appears on common ground with Ben. But also his father, comedian Jerry Stiller, wife Christine Taylor, older sister Amy Stiller, and even his brother-in-law, Mitch Winston. Ann Meara died a few years ago, but her famous son made sure that to the last, the 85-year-old actress felt needed and in demand.

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