Heartthrob, Bandit, and Best Friend: 5 Great Films With Romain Duris

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2013/melodrama, fantasy/France

The screen version of the novel by Boris Vian by the main surrealist in the world of cinema, Michel Gondry, Here, the love story of the main characters, Colin and Chloe, unfolds in a fictional fantasy world. Lovers fly on dates in pink clouds, wake up in water lilies, and dance on the ceiling. But in this world, as in the real one, there is also a place for betrayal. So this story is also about the fact that a person is still the main enemy of their happiness.


2017/Comedy, Melodrama

Alex has a very unusual profession. He is a professional breaker. You don’t like that your daughter is dating a simple engineer? Did Son marry the wrong one? Need to get rid of an abusive girlfriend? Call Alex. This ladies’ man breaks any “undesirable” alliances. And now a new order arrives—in 10 days he needs to separate a truly perfect couple. You still have to complete it, at least because the main character fell in love with his ward.

New Girlfriend


A witty and subtle melodrama about the experience of loss. Claire’s best friend died; the girls were inseparable from childhood and shared all the troubles and joys. After Laura’s death, she left behind her daughter Lucy and her heartbroken husband David (in fact, Duris plays him). Claire does not want to leave him alone in depression, and the characters begin to communicate. One day, the heroine comes to visit David and finds him disguising himself as a woman named Virginia. Claire promises to keep his secret, and gradually becomes strongly attached to this “new girlfriend.”

Crazy Love


A chance meeting between Camille and Georges, hours after they met, results in a happy marriage. This spectacular couple is the envy of many. They live luxuriously and brightly, fleeing from boredom and banality every day, inventing new roles and games for themselves. But one day, Camille falls ill and ceases to distinguish between where the game ends and the real madness begins. Now Georges has to go through fire and water to prove that their love is real, and therefore it will overcome everything.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

2005/Musikfilm, Drama, Melodrama, Crime, Thriller, Action/France

The Crime Drama of the Living French Classic by Jacques Audiard tells the story of small-time bandit Tom. However, the boy’s father ran some murky real estate and debt deals, and his mother was a woman from the art world—an outstanding pianist. Tom does not like working with fists and a bat, so secretly, he follows in the footsteps of his mother and begins to study music. His teacher is a Chinese pianist who doesn’t understand a word of French, so sheet music is now their only means of communication.

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