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This weekend, are you looking for some Fantastic Films on friendship to watch with your friends? You may watch a tonne of Best Friendship Films with the concept of friendship together. However Finding the best ones is the Movies About Friendship and Being with Great People online.

Galchonok / Kauwboy, 2012

Galchonok / Kauwboy, 2012

Netherlands, dir. Boudewijn Coole.

The winner of the Berlin Film Festival tells the story of a 10-year-old boy, Yoyo. He lives with his father, a night watchman. His mother, according to his father, is a country music singer and is touring somewhere in the States, so Yoyo worries and thinks about her all the time. However, one day, he finds a lion that has fallen out of the nest and begins to take care of Best Friendship Films, temporarily forgetting all his other worries and troubles. Since this social drama is about the fact that everyone should give and receive love, and everyone is capable of it.

The Girl and the Fox / Le renard et l’enfant, 2007

The Girl and the Fox / Le renard et l'enfant, 2007

France, dir. Luc Jacquet

Since this is a story about the relationship between man and nature, Loulou, a 10-year-old girl, lives in a farmhouse lost in the mountains of Eastern France. In One Autumn Film , on her way home from school, she notices a young fox hunting. The encounter excites Lulu, and she dreams of seeing the fox again. So, the girl begins to look for a new meeting with the animal, studying everything about foxes and reading books about them.

And at one point, it happens—the fox and Lulu become friends and stay together all summer. One day, the girl makes the fox a collar and brings her into the house. But the freedom-loving animal makes Best Friendship Films clear that friendship and possession are not the same things.

Beasts of the Southern Wild, 2012

Beasts of the Southern Wild, 2012

USA, dir. Ben Zeitlin

A six-year-old girl, Hushpuppy, lives with her father, Wink, in a community on the edge of the world. So, they spend their days searching for fish, sailing in a sort of boat made from the carcass of a pickup truck. Though Wink is a stern father, his daughter will be prepared to survive on her own when he is gone. Since then, one day, Wink becomes seriously ill, and nature goes mad: glaciers melt, the water rises, and an army of prehistoric animals appears.

Wink’s condition is getting worse, and Hushpuppy, despite the natural disasters, decides to go in search of his mother. So, The Best Friendship Films tell the story of the severity and tenderness of nature and humanity’s place in it.

Thoughts About Freedom/Duma, 2005

Thoughts About Freedom/Duma, 2005

USA, dir. Carroll Ballard

A remarkable story about the Best Friendship Films between a 12-year-old boy, Xane, and a cheetah named Duma. So,the boy and his father find a baby cheetah on the highway, orphaned by a lion’s attack on its mother. The father lets Xan take the cub with him and care for him until he is old enough to be released into the wild. Because the South African landscapes, lions, crocodiles, turbulent rivers, and a mysterious wanderer who hopes to make money off the cheetah will all test Xan’s courage and determination.

However this story shows how important it is to help and act with good intentions, caring for all living creatures. Only in this way can one find harmony with nature.

Oceans / Océans, 2009

Oceans / Océans, 2009

France, Switzerland, Spain, USA, UAE, dir. Jacques Perrin, Jacques Clusot

This is an environmental documentary set in various parts of the world. Since take your child on an unbelievable journey into a magical world with strange inhabitants. In the film, the authors not only study nature but also try to speak out for it. The man in this film acts as both destroyer and protector. The best friendship films are not just dramas or family movies. However “Oceans” is a chance to feel a part of a new world, to learn a lot of new and interesting things about this world, a chance to get closer to the beautiful, the living, the new, and, perhaps, to reconsider your views. Take care and appreciate nature!

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