Movies that’ll Make you Enjoy every Moment of Life

Hector’s Journey in Search of Happiness, 2014

Hector's Journey in Search of Happiness, 2014

Germany, Canada, UK, South Africa

Psychiatrist Hector, striving to help other people, suddenly realizes that he has to help himself. However, he gives up his boring job, leaves his girlfriend and even his favorite and seemingly only hobby. It is a radio-controlled airplane to go in search of himself and travel the world. The Life Moment Films perfectly illustrates the fact that one should not forget oneself. If they should listen to themselves and others more often. And there is nothing selfish about striving to be happy, because who else but you, and when else but now?

The Fault in the Stars, 2014

The Fault in the Stars, 2014


Although the Life Moment Films, like John Green’s book on which it is based, belongs to the young adult genre, it should not only be watched by teenagers. However, for the film’s characters, Hazel and Augustus, every minute of their lives is precious as they share them. The same disease: cancer. Of course, the subject matter brought up in the film is not at all new. Because you can think of Hasten to Love, based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, Sweet November, and It’s About Time. But Blame the Stars is a kind of special drama, with laughter through tears and vice versa. The degree of mood in the film jumps like a sine wave. Tip: Get a handkerchief, or better two.

Youth, 2015

Youth, 2015

Italy, France, UK, Switzerland

One of last year’s Grand Prize nominees at Cannes tells the story of two old friends. The composer, Fred, and the Oscar-winning director, Mick, are the titles of the film, which is essentially about old age. It may seem like a mockery of an original movie by the creators of the picture. Because, in fact, the main detail in this film in the eyes of old people, a little tired, a little sad. If you look closely, you will see that they are filled with envy of the young faces around them, of their bodies, energy, and years, because they still have all their lives ahead. And although they are capricious and fussy, in reality, they show young people that they need to be bolder in their actions, desires, and communication; not be afraid to make mistakes, so that they do not regret them later in life.

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