Movies to Watch with Your Kids Today

“Maria, Mirabella”

"Maria, Mirabella"

Romania-Moldova, 1982, dir. Ion Popescu-Gopo

Watching this children’s musical animated feature film will be a wonderful pastime for anyone who loves fairy tales and adventure. The characters, Quacky the Frog, Firefly, and Butterfly, find themselves in trouble. The firefly can no longer shine. The butterfly can no longer fly, and the frog freezes, unable to hide from the winter cold. But they get help from sisters Maria and Mirabella, who, along with the fairies, help the forest dwellers regain their abilities.

“Keeper of Time.”

"Keeper of Time."

USA, Norway, 1986, dir. Randal Kleizer

This fantasy film tells the story of David Freeman, a 12-year-old boy who falls off. A cliff on his way through the woods falls on him, and he loses consciousness. When he wakes up and returns home, he discovers that other, unfamiliar people are living in his dramatically altered home. The police bring the boy to his aging parents, who have given up all hope of seeing him. Alive because it’s 1986, while the boy fell from a cliff in 1978. Simultaneously with his appearance, UFOs are discovered in the vicinity. And not coincidentally! All these eight years David spent in the company of aliens, from the depths of the universe, brought knowledge previously unknown to mankind.



USA, 1992, dir. Brian Levant

Movies about animals always occupy a special place in children’s lives. In addition to modern films that are full of special effects, we shouldn’t forget to show simple and touching pictures like “Beethoven”. This is a family comedy, the first film of the eponymous film series, directed by Brian Levant. The hero of the film is not a great composer at all, but a cute little Saint Bernard accidentally named after him. Once a puppy in a family of five, the dog quickly made friends with the children and their mother. He soon became not only a full member of the new home but, perhaps, his master.

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