Must-Watch Best Movies About Space Online

Must-Watch Space Movies

Apollo 13

1995/Drama, Adventure, Historical/USA

Houston, We Have a Problem: A Ron Howard film was nominated for nine Oscars and won two. This is a brilliant recreation of the history of the 1970 American mission to the moon, which was doomed to failure. So, Apollo 13 is a reversal from an optimistically launched flight to a tense, literally suffocating struggle for survival in outer space. The film is considered almost as breathtaking and grandiose as Interstellar, despite being limited by the realism of early 1970s spaceflight.

Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV)

1977/Adventure, Fantasy, Action/USA

It started with the first film in the Star Wars franchise. George Lucas changed science fiction and the film industry as a whole. A New Hope is inspired by the writings of Akira Kurosawa. The Flash Gordon comic and many other sources, led by Joseph Campbell. However, it was this writer who popularized the idea of ​​the hero’s journey. The archetypal story is at the heart of many mythological tales. Such is the story of Luke Skywalker: a young man learns that he is the chosen one, meets a mentor who guides him on the true path, and finds new allies who help him finally defeat his fears. Forty years later, Disney is making billions off the universe created by Lucas. The Star Wars universe continues to expand, but we will always watch and love the very first movie.


2013/Drama, Thriller/USA

The NASA shuttle was irreparably damaged by space debris. Two astronauts are left in orbit in outer space on a mission Gravity to find a way to return to Earth. So, director Alfonso Cuarón, cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, and special effects company Framestore have managed to recreate the dizzying infinity of space. Do not watch this movie if you suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights). But don’t miss it if you love stunning visuals, Sandra Bullock, and an atmosphere of rising tension.


2009/Drama, Mystery/USA

Sam Bell is a worker who oversees an automated helium mining station on the moon. Three long years are coming to an end, which he, according to the contract, must spend on the Earth’s satellite all alone. Two weeks before the planned return home, he meets his replacement. Sam begins to hallucinate. However, this sad and emotional picture, which is very different in tone from many other space films, is the debut of Duncan Jones, David Bowie’s son. After the release of “Moon,” critics especially appreciated the performance of Sam Rockwell, who played the main role.

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