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Vitus, 2006

Vitus, 2006


This Vitus is not just about talent; it’s about character. His peers do not accept him, as such a gifted and brilliant child; the school teachers do not want to deal with a boy who constantly humiliates their teaching dignity with his intellect, and his parents force him to follow their clear-cut plan. And all Vitus wants is autonomy and freedom of choice. However, due to his age, he cannot figure out for himself what is interesting to him. What to be: an analytical genius or a virtuoso pianist?

August Rush, 2007

August Rush, 2007


They say that nature rests on the children of talented parents. But not in the case of August. The boy from an orphanage, following the call of his heart and music, travels to New York to find his family. There he discovers his unique musical talent and leaves no hope that the parents, who are looking for their son, will hear and find him. It is a somewhat naive fairy tale, but it claims not to be true, but to give you a couple of hours of touching emotions and beautiful music.

Toast, 2010

Toast, 2010

Great Britain

Another film starring the talented Freddie Highmore. “Toast” is based on the autobiographical book by British cook and TV host Nigel Slater. Since childhood, the boy had a particular affinity for the culinary arts, but at the dinner table at family dinners, he had toast and canned goods—Nigel’s mother had no great love for cooking. Years later, Slater would come to his calling and become a famous chef. Well, this truly British film shows the beginning of his journey.

Mr. Spivet’s Incredible Journey, 2013

Mr. Spivet's Incredible Journey, 2013

France, Australia, Canada

In the mind of this 10-year-old boy genius, there’s always some kind of mathematical calculation going on. His discoveries are published in scientific journals, and he knows a lot more than his peers and more. But parents do not share their passion for science. They do not even notice the achievements of their son. So when he suddenly gets a call from the Smithsonian Institution, where he sent his drawings of the perpetual motion machine, and congratulates him on the award, Spivet decides to take a desperate step and runs away from home.

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