October Sky (1999) Plot

October Sky (1999)

“October Sky,”

Directed by Joe Johnston,

This Movie Takes you back to 1957, a time when a flight into space is a miracle, and all boys dream of being a crew member and seeing their planet from orbit at least once.

The main character of the film is a 17-year-old boy named Homer Hickam, who lives and studies in the small American town of Colewood. It seems that his life is pre-determined: graduation from school, work in the mine, a quiet and measured life. However, the scientific breakthrough of the Soviet Union and the launch of a satellite into orbit turned his world upside down. He began to dream of space and decided to build a rocket.

Three friends and his schoolteacher help him in this. However, Homer’s father, a hard-working miner, who sees his son only as a follower of his hard work, strongly resists Homer’s aspirations. In spite of everything, the boy will do everything possible to make his dream come true.


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