School Curriculum Movies for schoolchildren based on literary works

Treasure Island, 1988

Treasure Island, 1988

Book: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Film: Treasure Island, 1988, directed by David Cherkassky.

The cool of autumn is a good time to experience adventure and excitement from the comfort of your own room. Scotsman Robert Louis Stevenson will turn your child into a fun-loving pirate looking for Captain Flint’s treasure as soon as. He picks up the novel Treasure Island.  The book is about the boy, Jim Hawkins. His pirate adventures was publish in 1883 and became the piracy bible for all subsequent generations. Because, Many authors wrote sequels, parodies, sequels, and short stories about the characters in this novel. Of course, the story has not escaped the notice of the cinema.

A large number of films, cartoons, and TV series are based on the book. We present an exciting cartoon directed by David Cherkassky, released in 1988. Since The cartoon was created by combining classically drawn animation and cinematic techniques with the participation of real actors. Because It is very colorfully and colorfully conveys the characters of all the characters and the adventure story. “Treasure Island” raises the theme of moral values, describes the classic system of characters, and just gives a good mood.

“Scarlet Sails”, 1961

"Scarlet Sails", 1961

Book: “Scarlet Sails”, Alexander Green

Film: “Scarlet Sails”, 1961, director Alexander Ptushko

7th grade

To plunge into the fairy tale of adolescence, to dream irresistibly, fall in love, and believe in the impossible. Alexander Green will help your child with his story about reality on the verge of fantasy, Scarlet Sails. This fairy tale story gave the world a lot of timeless images and very touching moments. The story, written in 1916–1922, immerses us in the story of young Assol, who since. Early childhood has been waiting and believing in the fulfillment of her lofty dream. She is waiting for a sailor who will take her on a ship with scarlet sails.

The story is the stage in many theaters, embodied by sculptors, and in 1961, Alexander Ptushko, following the example of his predecessors, filmed a screen version of the same name, starring Anastasia Vertinskaya and Vasily Lenovo. The film, of course, is intended for both children and adults because the picture is still relevant today. It teaches us to believe in our dreams even when everyone else laughs at them, to see a miracle in what others do not see, and to enjoy every day that fate gives us.

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