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UK, USA, France, Netherlands

Hardly anyone would deny that they haven’t waited for Christopher Nolan’s new work since Inception and Interstellar. Three years after his last film, he is back in the director’s chair with Dunkirk, and very successfully. Although, A drama about the Dunkirk operation and the evacuation by sea. However, the British, French, and Belgian troops were blockaded in Dunkirk by German troops in 1940. It has been called the best work of Nolan’s career, and one of the best films. The war was filmed on a grand scale, played well, with music composed by one. However, that day’s best composer, Hans Zimmer, made everything come together to get “Dunkirk” nominated for a Golden Globe. On the other hand, perhaps the prequel to. The main character lines were a little lacking, The movie is about saving 300,000 soldiers, not one hero.



South Korea, USA

The satirical sci-fi film Okja makes the viewer wonder: what do we eat? And who? Where does our food come from? What can mindless consumerism lead to? Therefore, the main character in this film, Mija, lived on a farm in the mountains of South Korea with her friend. A large and somewhat shy animal named Ocha. In fact, it is not an ordinary animal, but a specially bred “super breed” by a powerful corporation to solve the global hunger problem. But when the company decides to take its property back and move the animal to New York,

The girl is not ready to give up so easily and leave her friend in distress. Whatever everyone in the film is in their place: both Tilda Swinton, playing. Because, the PR-obsessed head of the company, TV zoologist Jake Gyllenhaal, and the wonderful Ahn Se-Hyun, who plays Mija herself. But, of course. The viewer’s attention will be riveted to this cute, created with the help of technology. So, the talent and imagination of the artists. An animal that will insist—it has a soul.

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