The 3 Best Horror Movies of 2021 Online

2021 Horror Movies

Last Night in Soho

2021/Drama, Thriller, Horror/USA, UK

Young Ellie comes to the capital of England to study as a designer. A romantic girl living in dreams about the “swinging” London of the 1960s does not find a common language with her peers, and at night she sees strange dreams in which terrible crimes unfold that happened more than 50 years ago. A stylish and original thriller with elements of a horror film, raising themes of abuse and violence. It will appeal to fans of the 60s, neon London and rock and roll. Edgar Wright fans, who remember the director of the Cornetto trilogy, Scott Pilgrim and Baby Driver, did not really like it. But the picture was appreciated by critics who gave it their votes, as well as program directors of various film screenings. The film was shown at the Venice and London Film Festivals, as well as in Toronto.



In fifth place was the psychological retro-horror Censor, which was also filmed with love for the atmosphere of England, but already in the 1980s. Enid works as a censor and cuts the most violent and provocative scenes from films. A few years ago, her own sister went missing, and Enid still cannot come to terms with the loss. One day, in one of the paintings, she sees a girl who looks very much like her sister. A woman tries to track down the film’s producer to find out the truth. Like the two previous films, The Censor is also about the world of a woman whose depth of psychological trauma brings her to the point where she cannot distinguish madness from reality.

And if in “The Savior” the main character sought solace in religion, in “Last Night in Soho”-in the fantasy world of the past, then Enid sees her sister, whose death she still cannot survive, on the silver screen.


2021 / Horror / USA

The sixth film in the rating begins with the same topical topic: Nurse Madison is the victim of a tyrant husband. After another assault, she loses consciousness and begins to dream of future murders. And the first victim will be her husband. Madison tries to prevent the violence, but the police at the city station think the woman is crazy, and only one of them believes in her mystical connection with the criminal. In 2021, James Wan, known for his work in the film franchises Saw, Astral, and The Conjuring, and in previous years for filming Fast and Furious 7 and Aquaman, returned to his favorite genre again: 2021. He became the producer of the horror films “Saw: Spiral,” “The Spell” (3: “By the Will of the Devil”), and “The Conjuring.”

There is someone in your house, each of which was repeatedly mentioned in the ratings of the best horror films. Wicked was his first horror film in five years. and therefore, special attention is riveted to it. Accusing Van of using dozens of clichés and clichés, meanwhile, connoisseurs unanimously admit that he juggles them so masterfully and unexpectedly that the expectations of horror lovers are fully justified.

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