The 4 Best Rated Action Films of the Last 10 Years

Best Rated Action Films

Kingsman: The Secret Service

2014/Comedy, Adventure, Action/USA, UK

Harry Hart, an agent from a secret spy organization that hides under the sign of the Kingsman men’s suit atelier, is preparing for his shift. He chooses the son of his deceased friend, a guy named Eggsy, as his successor. Now the young man will have to undergo training and prove that he is worthy to become a member of their team. “Manners define a gentleman,” Colin Firth says in the film, and this phrase defines the whole picture. After James Bond became a Hollywood treasure, British cinema, with its characteristic scrupulousness, shows how a real special agent should look and behave, elegantly balancing power, style, and humor.


2010/Adventure, Action/USA, UK

Dominic Cobb penetrates other people’s dreams and models reality depending on the requirements of the customer. According to the new application, Cobb must infiltrate the dreams of the heir to a large corporation so that he can ruin his father’s business. The subconscious of the young man strongly resists. In addition, Cobb’s work is complicated by a personal drama: once his wife committed suicide, deciding that this was the only way to stay in a dream forever. Since then, the image of his beloved haunts Cobb. It is difficult not to get lost in the labyrinth of plot twists and understand the multi-layered meanings of The Beginning. Moreover, even after watching the film several times, many questions will remain unanswered.

But the picture of Christopher Nolan perfectly combines the tension of the physical (constantly changing action scenes) and the mental. When the viewer does not have time to realize, what reality do the characters find themselves in? Together with a brilliant cast, Inception deserves its place at the top of the best action films.

The Dark Knight Rises

2012/Thriller, Action/USA, UK

This rating would be incomplete without one of the main and oldest superheroes, Batman. The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final installment in Christopher Nolan’s iconic Defenders of Gotham trilogy. For eight years, Batman has not stepped out of the shadows, but the villainy of the new anti-hero Bane makes his return to Gotham and confronts evil out of respect for Heath Ledger. The Dark died immediately after the filming of the previous part of The Dark Knight. The Joker is not mentioned in the final picture of the trilogy. The superhero thriller, with elements of neo-noir, collected more at the box office than the first two films combined.


2016/Comedy, Adventure, Action/USA

Hired assassin Wade Wilson falls under a secret government experiment, as a result of which he acquires incredible physical strength and the gift of regeneration. And also: reinforced shorts over red leggings and a complete wind in my head. His main superpowers are dementia and courage, and behind the thirst for revenge lies the uncompromising stebalovo of everyone and everything. Deadpool, created without the usual superhero pathos, could also get into the list of the best comedies. It completely and politically incorrectly parodies all sorts of clichés and blockbuster clichés of yesteryear. Wilson is a nutcase and a slob, cracking jokes below the belt even on the verge of death.

And despite the fact that there are more gags in this film than fights and superweapons. “Deadpool” was able to slip into the top 10 action movies of the 2010s, perhaps because the viewer was already tired of ferocious war machines in the form of a tough macho.

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