The 6 Best Survival Movies Based on True Stories

 Best Survival Movies



In the near future, the world has become a deserted desert, but even here there is a place for the rich and the poor. While some do not feel the need, others are forced to survive every day. Two strangers (Zac Efron and director Anthony Hayes) go together to an abandoned mine, where they accidentally find huge deposits of gold. One of the travelers goes for the equipment, and the second remains to guard the treasure. However, a long wait under the scorching sun without food and water and with the constant danger of attack by wild animals and aggressive travelers turns into a real test of strength. An outstanding performance by Zac Efron, who, it turns out, can do more than just sing.

127 Hours

2010 / Drama, Adventure, Biopic / USA, UK

Director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Simon Beaufoy have turned the true story of a climber stuck in a rock into a true psychological thriller. So, the main character, played by James Franco, has to spend 127 hours in a trap – no food, no water. Just him, the cold, the snakes, and his willpower.

Jungle (2017)

2017 / Drama, Adventure, Action / Columbia, Australia

What could be more merciless to a person than an impenetrable jungle? It seems that here danger awaits you at every turn. And it was here, in the jungle of Bolivia, that a company of guys went. They found a guide and rushed into the abyss of exotic experiences. True, the guide disappears almost immediately, and the heroes are left face to face with wildlife. And, alas, not each of them is destined to win this battle. In one of the main roles – the boy who already survived once – Daniel Radcliffe.


2015 / Drama, Adventure, Thriller / USA

The same action-packed western by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, in which DiCaprio basks in a horse and takes revenge on Tom Hardy for the murder of his son. This film has three Golden Globes plus a long-awaited acting Oscar for Leo. There is hardly a person who has not seen The Revenant, but if you suddenly missed it, urgently correct it. A separate bonus: the fantastic work of the cameraman Emmanuel Lubezki – every frame is like art.

Life of Pi

2012 / Drama, Adventure, Fantasy / USA, China

Director Ang Lee will film the novel of the same name by Yann Martel. Since this is a story about the boy Pi – the son of the owner of the zoo. His family was forced to emigrate from their native India, and they go to Canada. But the ship crashes – as a result, the boy is left in the middle of the ocean in a boat alone with a Bengal tiger, a hyena, a zebra, and an orangutan. The metaphorical parable of life with trauma won four Oscars.


2016 / Drama, Thriller, Horror / USA

If you give this film a short description, you get something like: Blake Lively’s “Gossip Girl” fights back against a bloodthirsty shark. But let’s have a little more information. Beautiful Nancy comes to the Mexican coast to find a secret spot where her mother used to surf. The sun wave is singing and calling – the girl decides to ride, but the nostalgic idyll is suddenly destroyed by a sharp gray fin. However, a bloodthirsty predator drives the surfer to the shallows and it seems she has nowhere to go. But the girl is not going to give up. The director of all this action is Jaume Collet-Serra – the author of “Air Marshal” and “Jungle Cruise”.

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