The 7 Best Scariest Horror Films Ever Made

Scariest Horror Films


1978/Thriller, Horror/USA

The approaching All Saints’ Day, the clown costume, the big sister’s sex scene with her boyfriend… It’s hard to imagine which of these circumstances turned six-year-old Michael Myers into a brutal, silent killer. After the massacre of his sister, the boy ends up in a regime psychiatric clinic. The treatment lasts fifteen years, but doctors cannot guarantee that it is safe for others. During all this time, the maturing patient did not utter a single word. On a dark and rainy night, Michael escapes the clinic to have another bloody Halloween in his hometown.

Friday the 13th

1980/Thriller, Horror, Mystery/USA

The authors of the films of the Friday the 13th film series did not plan to make Voorhees the main villain, but the case decreed otherwise-as a result, this maniac appeared on the screens at least 12 times. The mask was put on him only in the third film of the film series, and the villain’s superpowers appeared in the sixth part of the story (invulnerability and regeneration). The maniac’s favorite weapon is a machete. Voorhees punished his victims for immoral behavior, and also avenged his own death in childhood.

Urban Legend

1998/Horror, Mystery/USA, France

A quiet student town is shaken by a series of bloody murders committed with particular cruelty. The police are at a loss because these brutal crimes have nothing in common. However, student Natalie manages to discover a terrible connection. At first glance, it seems incredible: in every murder, urban legends come to life, frightening stories from modern folklore, passed from mouth to mouth. Neither teachers nor friends believe the girl … and she becomes the next victim of the mysterious killer.

Jeepers Creepers

2001/Horror, Mystery/USA, Germany

A Jeepers Creepers is a humanoid creature that looks somewhat like a bat. Creepers hibernate for 23 years, and every 23rd spring, they wake up in order to feast. This monster feeds on people’s organs, prolonging the lives of the Creepers. The monster has superhuman strength, the ability to regenerate, as well as a strong sense of smell, which helps him find victims.

My soul to take

2010/Thriller, Horror, Mystery/USA

About 16 years ago, the town of Riverton was rocked by a series of brutal murders. The offender was caught and killed, on and the same day seven babies were born. There is a prophecy according to which the maniac will return to kill these seven children, but no one knows how and when. But what if he is already among the people and is preparing his sinister plan for execution?


1992/Thriller, Horror

An urban legend says that a creature named Candyman lives in a parallel world. To deal with his victim, he does not need a knife, because instead of a hand he has a prosthesis in the form of a hook. Now Candyman is beyond reality, but if you call him, no one will be saved. You just need to stand in front of the mirror and say the name Candyman five times. Having doubted this belief and the existence of a monster, young scientists undertook to study the legend.

Wrong Turn


Chris Flynn drives his car to an interview in another city. But on the way, there was an accident-someone collided with a car carrying chemicals. Then the young man decides to use the bypass road, which becomes a fatal mistake. On the way to the forest, he meets five guys who went on vacation. Together, they find themselves trapped in a house inhabited by bloodthirsty cannibals.

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