The Best 6 Movies With Actors Playing Multiple Roles

 Actors Playing Roles Movies


2022/USA, Finland

Doctors give Sarah a difficult diagnosis. She acquires her own doppelgänger to take care of her loved ones. But when the girl recovers and decides to deactivate the clone, she faces a harsh new law. Sarah will have to face her doppelgänger in a deadly battle. She must do the impossible to defeat the ultimate weapon of manipulation and murder—the perfect version of herself.

The Mystery of the 7 Sisters


A fantasy thriller about life in a world where couples are only allowed to have one child. But now the couple has seven twins, and the parents decide to keep all the children. They end up giving the girls names after the days of the week, and they pretend all their lives that they are one heroine. They even appear in public and go to work each day on their own day. But one day, Monday disappears, and now the sisters need to find her before the special services. Starring (or rather, in seven at once): Numi Rapace-the original “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.


2016/Drama/Australia, Germany

Briton Cate Blanchett can also be called many-sided. In the Manifesto project, she played 13 different roles at once. As conceived by the film’s director and part-time artist Julian Rosefeldt, each of Kate’s characters utters her own manifesto. Only they speak not in their own words, but in the words of Godard or Jarmusch. The result is 13 powerful statements about freedom, politics, life, and death.


2013/Thriller, Mystery/USA, Canada

If there is a Jake Gyllenhaal in the film, this is already a sign of quality. And if there are two of them, and Denis Villeneuve is in the director’s chair, then the project goes into the category of “must-see” at all. The Enemy is a film adaptation of the Nobel Prize-winning novel by José Saramago. Since this is the story of how a humble teacher one day sees his identical twin in a movie. The hero begins to pursue the double, even though the film’s slogan warns, “Beware of meeting yourself …”. And for good reason—this acquaintance will forever break his life.


2002/Comedy, Drama

Spike Jonze’s Tragicomedy with two Nicolas Cages. He plays the film’s screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman, and his twin brother, Donald. Trying to describe the plot of this film is not easy. But in short, in essence, this is the story of how Charlie Kaufman wrote the script for the film adaptation of Susan Orleans’ novel The Orchid Thief. While working on the project, he had a difficult creative crisis, and as a result, he wrote a story about himself and the writer’s ordeals. However He even added the fictitious brother Donald to the credits as the author of the script, and the film itself was dedicated to his memory.

Pretty Things

2001 / France

Marie and Lucy are twin sisters. But other than an equally beautiful face, they have little in common. They look at life, career, and relationships differently. Lucy dreams of becoming a singer, but she clearly lacks talent. Then she asks her sister Marie for help, and she agrees, although popularity was clearly not part of her plans. And this is far from the only time she will have to “replace” Lucy. So, Marion Cotillard’s double acting work earned her a César Award nomination in the Most Promising Actress category.

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