The Best Action Movies of the Last 10 Years With Absolute Rating

Action Rating Movies of the Last 10 Years

Mad Max: Fury Road

2015/Adventure, Action/USA, Australia

Road warrior Max Rockatansky travels the tracks of a post-apocalyptic world in which the battle for resources continues, against his desire to remain alone. He has to join the rebels from the Citadel, which is ruled by Immortal Joe. Since, having freed his subjects from tyranny and destroyed the dictator, Mad Max sets off again, haunted by the ghosts of his past, showcasing the superb work of costume and make-up artists and car and motorcycle designers. Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the last films of the decade in which, despite the huge number of action scenes and stuntmen, almost no CGI was used. 80% of the picture was shot in real life. The landscape was sometimes tinted on the computer. The members of the film crew who fell into the frame were removed, and Charlize Theron’s prosthetic hand was reconstructed.

Otherwise, everything that fans of this genre love so much—fights, shooting, chases—was performed in reality. The main result is 10 Oscar nominations, 6 statuettes, and getting into all the top 10 most successful films of this period.

John Wick

2014/Crime, Thriller, Action/USA

The son of a Russian mafia offended former hitman John Wick, who retired for many years. Wick became angry, quickly remembered his former skills, and in response, destroyed the entire mafia clan. However, this modest plot is filled to the brim with fights, pools of blood, cool cars, perfect men’s suits, and luxurious interiors. Every conversation ends in a gunfight, and every gunfight ends in a pile of corpses. The picture in 2015 was well received by viewers and critics, although opinions about stamping and predictability sounded on a par with rave reviews. So, John Wick did not receive significant awards (Keanu Reeves was even nominated for the Golden Raspberry anti-award). It took a well-deserved place in the top five of most critics’ lists of the best action films of the decade. By the way, the second and third parts of the franchise were also successful in this regard.


2012/Adventure, Thriller, Action/USA

The 23rd Bond film begins with the fact that Bond was knocked out by an inexperienced partner. He imitates his own death and falls to the bottom. After recovering from his wound and depression. He returns to the center of events to save M and restore MI6’s reputation. However, his opponents are the cyberterrorist Raul Silva (a painted blond Javier Bardem). The embodiment of absolute evil, in whose hands all the data of British intelligence is collected. So, the combination of shooting with grandiose scenery, scenes of chase, and fights were made. This picture is one of the best in the action movie genre. So, by the way, the next Bond film, “007: Spectrum” (2015), did not get into any of the ratings studied by the Cinema channel.

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